You Never Know


“You never really know what a day will hold when you arrive in front of the abortion clinic – it could be filled with sorrow or it could be filled with joy.”

This is so true.  Some days it seems no one is listening and you feel utter sorrow, and some days you get to witness a change in someone so drastic it leaves you scratching your head in wonder at what the Lord just did.  Below is a testimony from one of our sidewalk counselors and team leader on Thursdays, Jessica Mauney.  We love stories like this and we know you will too!

15055787_10154576439916877_1429188654442559717_n“One of the things about sidewalk counseling is that you never really know what a day will hold when you arrive in front of the abortion clinic – it could be filled with sorrow or it could be filled with joy. This past week was a day filled with joy. We weren’t out there more than ten minutes when a young mom approached a sidewalk counselor about getting a free ultrasound on the HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center mobile ultrasound unit.  As the nurse and I discussed with this young mom about the reasons she wanted to choose abortion, we could tell our work was cut out for us. For her it wasn’t about a person or particular needs, it was simply the fact that if she didn’t want a baby right now, she had no reason to let this child continue to grow inside of her. She sat emotionless as we shared resources that could help her, spoke of faith and the gospel, and talked about the development of the baby. I couldn’t help but wonder what drew her to seek out the free ultrasound if she had so firmly made up her mind. After nearly an hour of discussion, it was time for her to get the ultrasound. The nurse quickly found the little one, and as its image popped up on the screen there was still no emotion from the mother. But then, the baby decided to start showing off. That sweet little baby waved its arms, spun around, grabbed its foot…the little one put on quite the show, almost as if to say, “Look what I can do,13697149_1640375422946606_7787458367188698517_n momma!”  As I watched, there was an instant softening and a sudden joy that filled this mom’s face. The tears started flowing as she exclaimed, “You guys just changed my mind. I’m going to keep my baby!”  It was almost as if a physical burden had been lifted from her, and the change was evident in her countenance. Even though we had started to give up hope, all along God was using our words and the ultrasound to change this young woman’s heart. There is nothing like watching God at work changing someone’s heart, and He certainly showed us to never, ever give up hope – you never know what He’s doing behind the scenes.”

We Praise the Lord for every single tool He has given us to reach those who are considering abortion.  You truly never know what it will be that will change a mom’s heart.  In this case seeing her little baby on ultrasound melted her heart of stone.  The mobile ultrasound unit is owned and operated by HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center in Monroe.  They are holding a fundraiser this weekend to purchase a new mobile unit to be used in this ministry.  The mobile unit comes out 6 days a week to offer HELP and HOPE to women at the very last minute.  If you would like to help support this cause you can go here for more information, or you can give here.


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