Would Jesus Have Stayed Home?


Our county received a Stay-at-Home order beginning Thursday, 3/26/20 at 8:00 a.m.  All non-essential businesses and their workers were to stay home for the next three weeks. All residents were to shelter at home, except for necessary trips to approved locations like grocery stores. All non-essential medical procedures were to be delayed. All of this was in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Yet, the abortion centers remained open. Not only open…but packed.

Cities4Life is committed and always has been committed, to obeying God in His command to be a voice for the voiceless. Scripture is clear that we are to hold back those stumbling to the slaughter and rescue those on a path of destruction. We are compelled by a higher authority than our county officials to intercede on behalf of the innocent unborn babies destined for abortion.

When we arrived at the sidewalk on Thursday morning, a few interesting messages written in chalk on the sidewalk awaited us. One said, “Jesus would have stayed home. Another said “C4L: John  7:53.” 

“Then they all went home…” John 7:53

Clearly, the “pro-choice” crowd had written this. We smiled. First of all, it was an enormous encouragement. Even the opposition has confidence in our resolve. They knew that no matter what, Cities4Life would show up. They had to have known that or they would not have left us the chalk message. Secondly, they had not read the next two verses: “but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. At dawn, he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them.” John 8:1-2

Jesus did NOT stay home. Jesus went to a place to pray, and then back to His ministry

And so did we.

We are carefully following all the CDC safety guidelines. We have our 6-foot social distance space clearly demarcated. We have hand sanitizer, gloves, and Lysol. We have careful protocol and guidelines outlined for all our volunteers that reflect the CDC recommendations. There are also clear guidelines to protect staff and moms who come on the HELP Monroe Pregnancy Center RV with the mobile ultrasound unit which parks on the curb in front of the abortion center. The RV proved to be crucial yesterday.

The RV driver, Ron, stopped one mom in front of the abortion center. He urged her on to our mobile ultrasound unit where she saw her baby, heard the Gospel, and received our list of resources. She fell in love with the little unborn child. Then, Ron headed off for the long drive back to Monroe Help Pregnancy Center with the RV. On the way, he stopped for chips and a soda. Two pregnant women, both in desperate circumstances, saw the RV and asked Ron if he could help them. He gave them the phone number of one of our Cities4Life counselors. The women called, and two hours later were connected with numerous resources to help them.

This is a video of the ultrasound of a baby saved yesterday

…All because one man made the choice to drive an RV, not stay home, and stepped out in faith, along with our Cities4Life counselors on the sidewalk.

We are careful to ensure we are not a part of the pandemic problem. Most importantly, we are determined to follow God and be part of His solution in protecting the vulnerable unborn babies and offering resources to help moms make a God-honoring choice for life. And as a result, three moms talked with our counselors, chose life, and were provided with the resources they so desperately needed.

“I am so grateful you were here today,” one said, “You guys are incredible.”

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