Why Don’t You Tell Them About Adoption?


As we share with others, whether it be churches or individuals, about the ministry that Cities4Life™ does on the frontlines in front of abortion clinics, almost without fail someone will ask the question, “Why don’t you tell them about adoption?” In reaching out at the local abortion clinics we offer all kinds of help and resources, from immediate help like free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds onboard the H.E.L.P. mobile unit, to more long term resources like free housing, baby showers, and mentorship through churches. And of course, one of the important resources we offer is adoption. As a matter of fact one of our volunteer families, the Mullen’s, founded a ministry called Option Adoption. Option Adoption walks alongside women who decide to turn away from abortion and instead are considering the option of adoption.

IMG_5672Just this past Tuesday our team encountered a couple who arrived at Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic for an abortion. As we often do, we spoke with them about God’s plan for their baby, the resources we have available, and the option of adoption. Since many are outside waiting for a few hours before the abortionist arrives we have an opportunity to share a little in depth about adoption among other things. We talk about closed adoption, open adoption, and the differences between the two. We talk about the fact that foster care and adoption are not the same thing and that they will actually be able to choose the family whom they place their child with.

Those truths must have struck a chord with this young couple that came early in the day, because later on they drove out and specifically asked for information concerning adoption. We shared some literature we have from Option Adoption about the differences between adoption and abortion, and we were about to pass their contact info along to Jessica, founder of Option Adoption. It’s our prayer that whether this young lady decides to parent or to place for adoption that she will see the love and provision of God in all that is available to her.

14045753_1124383714315658_4329123269658673291_nAs I said in the beginning, many people ask, “Why don’t you tell them about adoption?” or, “Why don’t they just chose adoption?” What many folks don’t understand when they say that is that there is a misperception about adoption that permeates our society. Especially in low income communities. Adoption is equated with flinging their child into the foster care system, to a family that they’ve never met. And while there are many, many Godly people in the foster care system I think we’ve been bombarded by so many negative stories concerning the foster care that it’s hard to see the good. Because of this when we talk about adoption, especially at the local abortion clinics, we have to be aware of these false perceptions.

One important thing is to speak in such a way that really encourages these ladies to consider the option of adoption. If we say, “Why don’t you give your baby up for adoption instead of killing them?” it doesn’t typically sit well with a young lady who already has a bad perception of adoption.  Again, adoption is not the same as foster care but we have to remember that many of these ladies think that it is. So we are careful to word things accurately, in a way that tears down that stigma, and empowers moms with a real choice. So instead of, “Give your baby up for adoption!” we’d say, “You can place your baby with a family that you choose.” That simple carefulness in wording makes a massive difference to ladies who are already struggling with doing the right thing and are confused about what adoption really is.

It’s important with all of the resources that we have available that we offer them to families in crisis situations, and that we accurately represent these options. When we do that God will honor our efforts and we will see fruit.  Each one of our LifeNetwork partners brings a different solution to the dilemma that many of the young ladies we encounter are facing,  and we are so thankful for each part of the body that works together to care for those who find themselves in need. Through the partnership of the Body of Christ, we are working to eliminate the need for abortion in our community, and empower families to choose LIFE for their children!

“Having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved.”  Ephesians 1:5-6

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