What is the one requirement for ministry at abortion mills?


 After a long two days of ministry on New Year’s weekend with no babies saved at one particular Charlotte abortion mill, a sidewalk counselor was encouraged by one of our wonderful Life Network doctors who helps abortion-minded women with prenatal care and the delivery of their babies after a change of heart.

“Don’t be discouraged with no “saves”. You were successful in “obedience” and you planted seeds. Earlier this month, I delivered a beautiful baby to a young lady who had come to our clinic over a year ago with a previous pregnancy. She aborted that child, but the next time she became pregnant, he came back because she knew there were people that cared and now she has a newborn child and is ecstatic! She came the first time because there were caring people offering help at the mill on the sidewalk and even though it did not save the first babies life, it did save the second.” – Dr. H.

What is the single requirement for frontline ministry at an abortion mill? OBEDIENCE to the command to rescue those staggering toward death [Proverbs 24:11]; OBEDIENCE to our Creator God! Once we choose to obey, the results are up to God!

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