“We Don’t Need To Do This!”


It was the end of the morning, so we were surprised to see yet another car pulling into the abortion center. We were actually preparing to leave, but I hurried over and offered our information to the driver. The young man stopped the car and reached for the pamphlet.

“Hi, my name is Vicky and we have hope and help for you. We have a free ultrasound on the RV right over there, and we have resources that can help no matter what you face, including a baby shower that gives two years of clothes and supplies for the baby.”

The woman looked at me sadly. I have seen that look a thousand times at the abortion center. What I see less commonly was the look on the young man’s face as he turned to gauge the woman’s reaction.

“Can I persuade you to go on the RV and see your baby?” I asked. The young man touched her hand, gazing with sweet tenderness at her.

She burst into tears and nodded. That’s when I noticed three very young kids in the back, one just a baby. The young man put his hand on her arm and said, “We don’t need to do this.” He looked at me. “Where should I park?”

“Right behind the RV,” I said. As I walked alongside the car, he looked me in the eyes and said, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Times were hard for this couple as they are for so many these days. They were clearly committed to each other and their children. The father began apologizing as he got out of the car. “We never really wanted to do it,” he said, “We just didn’t know how we could manage.”

“Well I promise you,” I told him, “We are grateful you have come and we will help you. You will not be alone in this.”

Our team, as always, pulled together to help. One counselor stayed on the sidewalk and actually was able to help another woman who chose life while we were on the RV. Another counselor came aboard the RV to babysit the three little ones. The nurse from Help Monroe Pregnancy center did the ultrasound, and I counseled the couple regarding their obstacles and the myriad resources we could connect them to in order to overcome those issues. Even our RV driver got in on the fun, taking turns holding the baby.

When they saw the ultrasound, the daddy said, “I know what I will name him.”

“You think it’s a boy?” I asked. 

“I hope so,” he said smiling.

Before they left, our director helped me gather supplies from the Cities4Life wonderfully organized baby shower storage area. We have some awesome baby shower volunteers who have worked hard to gather and carefully arrange our donations. I brought the little family diapers, wipes, toys, books, and clothes for the three young children.

Then I gathered one last gift from my car. It had been hand made and donated to me by a friend. The young man put all the gifts in the trunk and then I handed him the last gift, the one my friend had made. It was a blue baby blanket.

“I hope you will have a little boy too,” I said. 

And I hope he will grow up to be a kind and gentle man like his father, turning to faith and righteousness even when it feels impossible.

“I’m so glad you stopped us,” he said as the young mother hugged me. “You all are wonderful.”

We are simple Christians who serve a wonderful God. What a blessing to help a young family that didn’t know where to turn, and God brought them to us.

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