Volunteer Spotlight-Saved to Serve


Cities4Life is blessed to serve God in one of the most heart-wrenching mission fields on earth — the sidewalks of the busiest abortion center in the Southeast. Our volunteers overwhelmingly do not dwell on the grief of what they are facing but the joy and blessings and even miracles in which they are privileged to participate. Josh is one of our brand new volunteers, so eager to serve God that he has asked if he could come out multiple times each week despite being a full time student. Hear the amazing testimony of this young man as he shares how Christ transformed his own life, but also how following God’s call to the sidewalks of abortion centers has increased his faith and solidified his assurance of Christ in his life.


Hi, my name is Josh Johnson and I am a Cities4Life frontlines volunteer. I began volunteering with Cities4Life about 3 months ago, after God directed my steps here to begin serving. But before I get into how, this is a brief testimony of how I became a Christian.

I grew up in a Christian home where I went to church and was taught about God and His love, but I didn’t know God. Slowly I began drifting from God in middle school seeking acceptance from others that caused me to be someone I’m not. I started acting out, continuing into high school. I sought happiness, and started doing drugs, drinking, and chasing girls. All of that went on till the summer of 11th grade, when I realized that nothing was ever going to truly satisfy except a relationship with God. I realized how much my sin had weighed me down.

June 19th 2016 while at church, I gave my life to Christ. God reached into my heart and He changed me from the inside out. I went back to 12th grade as a changed man and began to share with others what God did for me.
A lot has happened since then, many ups and downs, but through it all God has been faithful. I see how even though it’s a lot harder following Christ than just floating downstream with the world, it is far more glorious than anything in this world. I now have true happiness, and acceptance in Christ and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I have been saved for two and a half years and just recently God has revealed to me the importance of the church standing up against abortion. I had been praying that God would lead me to an opportunity to stand with other brothers and sisters to bring the gospel message of hope and life to these men and women.

One Sunday about 3 months ago, God burdened my heart and I decided I

Josh and Elijah. Two young men serving on the frontline.

was going to speak with my pastor about starting with a ministry to reach out to the women. Before I had a chance to talk with him after the sermon, he brought up the opportunity to attend the prayer walks with Love Life Charlotte at the abortion clinic. I knew this was a sign that God wanted me to get plugged in with this ministry.

That Saturday at the prayer walk, we were all presented with different opportunities to help and the one God laid on my heart was the frontlines with Cities4Life, right on the sidewalk reaching out to the men and abortion-minded women. Helping in this ministry is unlike any other, difficult to describe accurately because there is always the sobering reality that babies are being murdered twenty feet from where we’re standing.
Hearing that there has been a save or knowing someone is listening to what you have to say makes it so worthwhile. Being able to serve in the ministry has deepened my faith in God and my empathy for others. Though I’ve only been in this ministry for 3 months, I’ve seen the fruit in small ways and in large ways.

Large ways, like being able to see a woman Vicky talked to drive away choosing life when she was initially coming to have her baby killed. That was the first time I saw someone who had told us directly that they were choosing life for their baby and just seeing the hope and joy in her eyes before she left was amazing. I’m super blessed to have met the amazing kind hearted people I serve beside, and grateful and excited to see what else I will be able to witness God do!

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