Sidewalk Update: 36 Babies Saved in June!


Sidewalk Update from the 3 abortion clinics in Charlotte: 11 moms chose life for their babies last week here in Charlotte, bringing the total for June to 36 babies saved from abortion!  We Praise the Lord for each one of those little lives that were saved!

Our Friday team reported 3 women chose life, and Vicky shared this sidewalk update. “Maria (not real name), who didn’t want to abort, but went in to do so anyway. Maria’s mother had stopped speaking to her when Maria told her mother that she was pregnant. In her grief over her mom’s stony coercive silence and desire that Maria abort, the young lady entered the clinic. Once inside, she remembered the “very sweet” voices of the counselors, and left.
She pulled out of the parking lot and told us she “just couldn’t do it.” Later, she told me, “No matter how my Mom feels, how could I live with myself?” She had a long drive home, but said maybe she would like to come aboard our beautiful new RV and see her baby. The baby put on a magnificent performance. She turned her face towards us, and it was as though she were gazing at us. Then she raised her hand to her face. Maria could not stop gasping in incredulous delight. Our nurse Sherry got fantastic pictures.  Maria was in a continual state of awe and wonder.
“Wow!!! You guys, this is just awesome. Wow! Wow! Is that her hand? Is she sucking her thumb? Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”  You can read the full story on Vicky’s blog here.

Praise the Lord, the Friday team was there to offer this young lady support and to encourage her to do what she already knew was the right thing!  We are so thankful for the HELP Pregnancy Center mobile medical unit for being front and center in the battle 6 days a week, ultrasound is an amazing tool that we are so privileged to be able to offer women.  This story shows beautifully how a mom can connect so quickly when she sees her baby on ultrasound.  Modern medicine, woven with practical support, and covered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes for a great model to minister to these moms who are headed for destruction at the local abortion clinics!


Will you continue to pray for us as a ministry?  We are under tremendous pressure from city officials and the pro-abortion opposition, who are trying their best to hinder and even halt our efforts to proclaim the Gospel and save the unborn. We could certainly use your prayers and support.  Can you financially support us?  We are working with families who chose life that have many pressing needs, as well as the ongoing costs of running and maintaining the ministry God has entrusted to us. Would you being willing to partner with us?  Can you join us on the frontlines to reach out to women who are seeking abortions?  We are always in need of boots on the ground to bolster our teams who are out 6 days a week.  Follow the links below for more information!

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