Uncertainty turned to Certainty


You might think that the work we do is difficult because of the certainty with which many of the women that come to the clinic have. People have asked me “When a women comes to the abortion clinic, isn’t her mind already made up?” The task of trying to turn a women in a difficult situation away from abortion is a hard one, but it isn’t because of their certainty.  Many of the women, even at the very last moment and beyond, are uncertain as to whether or not the decision to abort is the right one.  The following is a testimony of uncertainty turned to certainty, for LIFE!

H came to Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic still full of uncertainty. She came because she was certain her mother would be greatly disappointed if she found out that H was pregnant, and was uncertain of how her pregnancy would affect her schooling. She ended up coming out of the clinic to talk with our counselors standing on the sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic because she was still very conflicted. H was raised in a Christian home and said she believed Jesus was Lord and that she was born again, those in her family and even her boyfriend also claimed to have had a salvation experience. She knew abortion was wrong, so much so that she came and left the abortion clinic 5 different times. On her fifth trip she came to our sidewalk counselors. Her experience inside the clinic was not very pleasant.  She relayed to us that the clinic staff were rude and unprofessional.  She said, “At least you are nice and want to help me!”. While speaking with our counselors she agreed that her baby’s value isn’t based on good or bad circumstances. When asked if she wanted to see her baby on the H.E.L.P. Pregnancy Center Mobile Ultrasound unit she agreed to come onboard. When she first laid eyes on her precious baby, she fell in love, in that moment her uncertainty turned to certainty. She left the clinic that day having chosen LIFE and shared with her mother that she was pregnant. H came worried about how her mother would receive the news but her mother fully received this baby as a blessing and expressed gratitude that Cities4Life and HELP were there to encourage her daughter to chose life. H’s mom was so grateful that she donated to our live saving work saying, “I would have been devastated to know that my daughter had killed my grandbaby for any reason, but especially because she was afraid to tell me she was pregnant.” This awesome grandmother even traveled 2 hours to attend the baby shower we hosted for H to say how much she appreciated our volunteers having the courage to speak up for her grandchild when her daughter was at a very weak point.

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