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The Truth Considered

Women gathered at the doors of the abortion center. Our counselors called out for the five or ten minutes as the women lined up. “Young lady, your child’s heart is beating if you missed a period. Your baby has brain waves at 6 weeks. Every organ in place at 8 weeks. Your child, like all human beings, is made in the image of a holy God who loves you and loves that child. He has a plan and a purpose for your life and for your baby’s life. We have hope and help available. On our RV right here we have a free ultrasound. Whatever situation you face, we have resources that can help you. Please come and talk with us. We know no mother ever comes to this place joyfully. Let us talk with you about what brings true joy.”

Some glanced at us. Most averted their eyes. The doors opened, then closed. We fell silent and prayed.

“S”, one of the young women, hurried into the abortion center, glancing back at us.  A few moments later, she walked out. I hurried over to the driveway to offer literature as she started her car. She pulled over as she drove her car out, motioning to me that she was willing to talk. S rolled down her window, her forehead furrowed. Anxious words poured out of her.

“I don’t want to do it,” she said, her eyes watering, “But I don’t know what to do. I’ve had several abortions and my boyfriend thinks I am here having another one. I can’t have another one.”

“Will you come on board our RV and let me talk with you?” I asked. “I know we can help you.”

The Truth of Abortion

H.E.L.P. Ultrasound RV, offering free services right in front of the abortion clinic.

She agreed. “S” had not known pro-life counselors would be on the sidewalk with an RV that gave free ultrasounds. The help being offered was something she didn’t know about either. Immediately, “S” voiced that she felt all alone and had no idea what to do if she didn’t abort. As our discussion evolved, she told us that her past abortions didn’t make her feel bad. The baby was so small and was just an undeveloped blob of cells. She was not at a point in her life where having a child was a good idea.

She had no idea what happened in an abortion. 

When I shared the truth of what happened in an abortion, she again gasped, this time in horror. 

“I didn’t know that,” she said. She shared that following her abortions, she had miscarried. The truth of the value of that tiny life became apparent. More startling to her, the truth of the difference of when she destroyed that tiny life was bumped up against God or nature taking that life. 

She could not be the one to take her child’s life again. 

The Truth of Fetal Development

When her baby appeared on the ultrasound screen, she gasped. “It’s so developed! Are those fingers?? Is that an ear???” We shared the truth of the tiny baby’s development at her baby’s age. She had never known any of it.

The Truth of Help Available

When we talked about our resources that could help, she was dumbfounded. Every need she expressed could be met. All the rationalizations the boyfriend had raised began to sound hollow. The truth of all we shared exposed the deceptions and false justifications of a barbaric death to an innocent human being.

The Truth of the Gospel

She claimed to be a Christian who would go to heaven because she knew God was a forgiving God. She had asked His forgiveness many times. Living with her boyfriend was wrong and she knew it, but it had not really occurred to her that God might find her prayers for forgiveness empty in light of her ongoing sin.

Then we shared the Gospel. We shared the truth of sin, including the sin of abortion, and how God hates our willful disregard of His commands. We talked about how He as the creator has the right to set the penalty for sin. That penalty is death. We discussed what true repentance entails. It is not just an admission of sorrow but a conscious turning from sin. We shared difficult verses she had never heard or fully considered. “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and not do what I say?” 

Then we discussed how Jesus paid the required penalty on our behalf. He offered us a choice to turn from death to life in submitting our lives to Him. “Proclaim with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, and you will be saved.”

We talked at length about what it means if Jesus is Lord. Will we continue to sin if He is Lord? She shook her head slowly. It was clear truth was shining in her broken heart.

Lori and Vicky Share their perspective on Facebook Live right after this story took place.

The Truth is Claimed

Then she told us she wanted right now, right there, to ask Jesus to be Lord. She understood the sin of all those abortions and that she could not succumb to the boyfriend’s pressure. She understood that if Jesus was Lord, she must follow His commands. “S” bowed her head and we all prayed with her. Her sweet voice then spoke to God, asking His forgiveness, begging for strength, and submitting her life to His authority.

“S” holding a fetal model about the size of her baby

The Truth Turns Everything Around

As our nurse closed us all in prayer, S threw her arms around each of us in turn. Her face was transformed from anxious bewilderment to joy and delight. We piled gifts and information in her arms.

“I feel SOOO much better,” she told us. “I am so glad you all were here.” 

Day in and day out our sidewalk counseling teams work tirelessly to make sure these babies have a voice and that women like “S” hear the truth. If there wasn’t a voice of truth and support at the abortion center yesterday “S” may have broken under the weight of pressure and this precious baby could have died.

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