Transformation – Death to Life (a former abortion worker shares her story).


Today it was below freezing when I arrived on the sidewalk. It was cold! Our work is often difficult and some of the conditions on the sidewalk are terrible. Nonetheless, today three women chose life because our sidewalk counselors braved the cold! But our work doesn’t end there. Oftentimes, we are contacted by and help former abortion workers like Crystal, the subject of this story. Other times, as the families who chose life find themselves in need, they contact us and we work to find a resource in our network to help them. By the way, If you’d like to support our Gospel centered ministry financially now is a good time to give. Some local businessmen have put together a $7,000 match challenge so that any gift given until the end of the year is doubled. Our work is not easy, it requires sacrifices from our volunteers, staff, and those who support us financially.  But watching lives like Crystal’s transform from darkness and death to light and life make every hard moment worth the sacrifice. 

I met Crystal in the summer of 2017. She had called in to a national radio show, Line of Fire hosted by Dr. Michael Brown, to ask if someone could work in an abortion clinic and still be a Christian. His short answer was no.  She did not share details as her tearful story unfolded, nor did she share her name. I was one of many who listened to the radio broadcast of her depiction of an angst-filled life struggling to meet the needs of her family in a job that she knew did not honor God. He encouraged her to leave that work immediately and there were people in Charlotte that would help her. He connected with Cities4Life who had me contact Crystal.

Crystal worked as the manager of a Planned Parenthood facility. She had assisted in every aspect of the clinic, including abortions. Now, the images of what she had seen and done tormented her. I shared the Gospel, and the redemption and forgiveness that is possible to all who repent, turn to God, and accept the sacrifice Jesus paid on our behalf. Next, I shared the resources that could help her to leave the abortion center. We talked a great deal about the sin of the abortion industry, and how easily we can rationalize doing what God would never have us do. Even though she tried to steer women to choose life, her salary was paid by the blood of the aborted babies. She was terrified, but agreed to leave immediately. She only returned to collect her last paycheck.

The last year has not been easy for Crystal, but she grew stronger in her walk with God despite the struggles. Cities4Life and Love Life Charlotte helped her through the generosity of Christian donors.

We have remained friends, and I love to hear from her. Life is still not easy, but she is unfailingly glowing with the joy of serving God. Just a few months ago, her new husband rededicated his own life to the Lord.  And then yesterday, I received a wonderful text from Crystal: She had been offered and accepted the position of Director of Davie Pregnancy Care Center in Davie County, NC.

The former Planned Parent manager who had assisted in the deaths of babies now managed a Pregnancy Center, dedicated to saving the lives of babies.

In her own words, Crystal describes the transformation:

“I left Planned Parenthood in the late summer of last year. 2017. I was lead to Davie Pregnancy as I was looking for a way to get more involved with the Pro Life movement. I want to reach vulnerable mothers and fathers who are facing an unintended pregnancy to let them know there is a God who loves them and their baby. And that same God created the life inside of the mom. And He has a plan for them and their baby. I want to let them know there is hope and help from our Lord Jesus through groups like Cities4Life and Love Life Charlotte. I want to make a difference in this world. A difference for the better.

The feeling I have inside me now compared to how I felt back then is like life and death. Literally. I went from killing innocent babies to saving them. I went from being dead inside to feeling alive and living my life with a purpose. I was shown there are things more important than money and fear. Things like love and hope, help and family. All of which I was given through Cities4Life’s ministry and through Love Life Charlotte.

Today, I like who I see in the mirror, and while I still mourn the loss of the children and struggle with the guilt of being an accomplice, I now have the forgiveness of Christ Jesus and the assurance that I am His.”

Crystal Holder- Dec. 2018

Our sidewalk teams work tirelessly at the local abortion clinics and beyond to proclaim the Gospel and save lives. Like the story above our reach as a ministry touches even abortion workers who work in other cities, like Crystal. Would you be willing to come alongside our sidewalk teams with a year end gift? Some very dedicated businessmen have offered to match up to $7,000 any gifts that come on from now until December 31st. Your gift will be doubled. Now is an important time to support this Gospel centered lifesaving ministry. Please give today!!!

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Vicky Kaseorg

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Vicky Kaseorg is a sidewalk counselor and Volunteer Coordinator with Cities4Life. An author of over 25 books, she is ardently pro-life and deeply desires to share the hope and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ through her work, writing, and life. Read her personal blog at

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