Tiny Hands Books Discounted in MAY!


tiny hands

Just $.50 to possibly save a life! We believe so much in what God is doing with the Tiny Hands that Hold My Heart crisis pregnancy booklet that we are offering them for just $.50 each. This is a full color 25 page booklet with fetal development, real life photography from inside the womb and relevant scripture. These booklets have been used by sidewalk counselors, crisis pregnancy centers, mobile ultrasound units, doctor’s offices, schools, and ministry outreaches in the medical field, adult dancing/porn industry and human trafficking industry.

For the remainder of May, Tiny Hands Ministries is offering to match Tiny Hands booklet order up to 25 units. This would make each one only $.50 and that includes the shipping to your location.  If you are involved in any of the fields/ministries mentioned above, please consider using these as part of your outreach. We pray that each hand that uses them and each hand that receives them be blessed! Booklets can be ordered here:  (please mention that you want the order matched) or if you would like to make a donation, we will send them on your behalf HERE.

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