This Local Story Went National


The Lord is so gracious to allow us to be a part of what He is doing. Almost daily we get to see His miracles unfold in the lives of those we encounter as sidewalk counselors at the local abortion centers. However, it’s not very often that we get to take part in stories that get national attention. 

Signs can be a “sign” to those coming to the abortion center.

Our daily outreach at the abortion centers include a few different components. We seek to reach those going into the abortion centers with Gospel-centered literature and offer them help by calling out with our voices as they walk into the abortion center. One powerful tool we use to reach those at the abortion center is signage. Our signage is held or posted so that when people are coming down the road they will be pricked to the heart and hopefully they will rethink their decision to abort. We’ve actually had quite a few women over the years tell us that the signs were an important part of what opened their eyes and helped them to choose LIFE.

In addition to posting and holding signs for those to see going in we also post a sign that is clearly visible to women when they exit. Because the abortion pill procedure is quickly becoming the most commonly used method to kill an unborn baby, we want those exiting the clinic to know that there is still hope and that the abortion pill can be reversed. We also call out that hope-filled message to women as they are walking from the abortion center back to their car to leave. Oftentimes we say, “If you’ve taken the abortion pill there’s still hope. Go to!”

Abortion Pill Reversal Sign placed at the exit.

Sadly, the number of women that take advantage of that awesome resource are few and far between. But we have had several women locally who have reversed their decision to abort and whose babies are alive and well because of that. As mentioned at the beginning of this article one such story was picked up recently by national news (Fox News and CBN to be exact).

Exactly a year ago today is when “Alexis” arrived at Latrobe to abort. She checked in and received the necessary ultrasound to begin her abortion pill procedure. When the abortion clinic ultrasound tech saw the image she flippantly commented: “Oh, it’s twins!” Alexis always wanted twins but still afraid and confused she went ahead and took the RU-486 medication that she was given.

As she was leaving that day, regret began to settle in. She began again to think about how she had always wanted twins. She imaged how she would dress them alike and how they would grow up to be best friends and then she heard over our amplified speaker (a tool which sadly the city of Charlotte has voted to take away from pro-lifers) “If you’ve taken the abortion pill, it’s not too late. Go to!” She also saw the sign posted at the driveway as she exited the abortion center parking lot. Overwhelmed by what she had just done but also by the fact that there was still hope to reverse it, she quickly got on the phone and was eventually connected with our partner ministry HELP Pregnancy Center

Nurse Courtney holding the twins she helped to save.

The rest is history as they say. My wife, Courtney, actually had the pleasure of being the nurse who administered to life-saving intervention called the “abortion pill reversal protocol”. In essence, it’s a dose of progesterone in large enough quantity to override the effects of RU-486. Alexis’ babies were saved. They are 5 months old and doing well and their mom is so glad that someone was there to offer her hope and help in those crucial moments after she had made the decision to take the abortion pill. We were blessed to be able to do a baby shower for this precious mom and people from all over the world sent gifts to support her and these little ones.

By God’s grace, this powerful story has gone viral. We’re so blessed to be a part of this story but we also want to thank all of you who support us through prayer and financial giving. You are a vital part of this story as well as thousands of others because without you we wouldn’t have the resources such as signage and literature to help point these women toward LIFE. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to equip and train sidewalk counselors to be an effective, loving presence at the abortion centers. Simply put, without you these babies would not have a voice. So thank you to all who support this ministry.

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