The Strength to Go On


COMMENT FROM A NEW SIDEWALK MISSIONARY: Yesterday I broke down weeping for several minutes and had to go to my car. Please pray that I am comforted by the Holy Spirit and receive strength from the Lord to continue to be used by him. Thank you! – Kathy S.

RESPONSE: I will pray for you! The thing I try to remember is that when we show up there in an attempt to save babies and to minister to moms and dads (and other support people), we are not only trying to do those things, but we are also ones that stand there, speaking up for the voiceless. We show up as their last line of defense, calling to their killers, begging for them to stop. We’re the ONLY ones on the SIDE of the little ones scheduled to die! We are also the only ones who will likely mourn their loss on this earth. While their own flesh and blood fails to value them and mourn their deaths, WE WILL. So, we are an “adoptive family member” for those babies who die there each day. We choose to show up and defend them; we choose to mourn their loss!

I will be the first to admit that this is a difficult ministry. Our family always has a sense of dread when going to minister at the abortion mill. In fact, it STILL makes my stomach turn every time I turn the corner from Monroe Road onto Wendover Road. However, we NEED to remember if we do not do this ministry because it’s too uncomfortable for us, many will die because we gave into our feelings.

We are told by Jesus to take up our cross – a method of torture – and to follow Him! Does Jesus expect us to do what is less than comfortable to us for His sake and for the sake of the moms and babies headed to the abortion mill that day? Yes! Why? Because though we view it to be a torturous calling, the blessings we will be privileged to SEE come to fruition (babies saved; souls saved) and the rewards we will reap in Heaven, far outweigh those uncomfortable feelings of dread!

We CAN do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who gives us strength. BUT…He only gives us the strength after we step out of our vehicles and step foot onto that sidewalk. that is when I feel His power and strength. He gives us what we need, when we need it, but not one moment sooner. It’s a part of trusting in Him; of obeying Him and trusting HIM with those results of saved lives and changed hearts!

Keep up the faith! God *has* called you (I saw it in your eyes that first time at Latrobe last week! I felt it in your spirit!). You MUST obey and just wait on the Lord for that strength. I would also HIGHLY suggest that you look up and bring with you a list of Bible verses that you can read and use in prayer time at the mill. This will help keep your focus where it should be. It will also comfort your heart and give you words to speak!

Feel free to talk with friends and fellow sidewalk counselors about your feelings, too. It’s very beneficial to “debrief” with friends or family afterwards.

Lisa Metzger

3 Responses to “The Strength to Go On”

  1. Sheryl Chandler

    Excellent word of encouragement and support. Lisa! What a great reminder of our calling. We are called, but thankfully the Holy Spirit does bring comfort, even in the midst of torture.

  2. Jubilee Meehan

    God is forgiving, thank the Lord! And He says that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive and to cleanse us. This verse tells us however some details about forgiveness from God. We have to confess our sins, and be cleansed. This doesn’t mean we just claim forgiveness without realizing that what we have done is wrong. God wants us ti walk in fellowship with Him and this is frankly not possible if we are harboring sin we think is okay. King David lamented in several different psalms that when he kept silent about his sin (in other words when he continued in it and believed he didn’t have to confront it further) his strength was dried up like the heat of summer and he was not able to walk in fellowship with God. God is loving, but He is also Holy. He has a special place in His heart for the fatherless and their cry will not go unnoticed before Him.

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