The Horror Of Abortion Called Her to Be a Voice


Advocating for the unborn child is something I have always been passionate about – as should every Christian. We are called to be a voice for the voiceless. Being an older sister to three, I’ve witnessed the reality of pregnancies and the clear humanity of babies from conception. I’ve been blessed with a Christian family that always taught me to love the Lord above all, and came to know Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord when I was eight years old. I never knew abortion existed until I was about thirteen (I am eighteen now), and can remember the gut-wrenching horror that came over me when I did learn of it. I could only picture my siblings as newborns, the joy they brought to the family, and the immense blessing they were.

The term “Abortion” has become a widely-defended mask to hide the gruesome truth of the slaughtering of innocent lives; lives for which God has a perfect purpose. In spite of society’s view of children as inconvenient and optional, God loves children and makes this evident throughout the Word (Ps.127:3, Matt.18:3;19:14). I felt compelled to somehow take part in this spiritual war, but I convinced myself that I was not fit. Age, lack of knowledge, schedule, and fear were some of the ways I resisted this burden. I began to pray that if the Lord wanted me involved in this horrible mass-murder (for His purposes, of course), that He would open a door. 

Sure enough, I soon learned that a friend of mine was a sidewalk counselor at the busiest abortion clinic in the Southeast (which was only about an hour away); she guided me through the application process.

God’s timing is always perfect, yet never ceases to amaze me. I was able to complete training with Cities4Life right before my seated classes ended due to COVID-19, solving the predicament I faced regarding gas money. I know that, at this time in my life, the Lord has made provisions for me to be able to serve on the sidewalk of the abortion mill. Serving has not only allowed other women to find hope and healing through the power of the gospel and the physical resources we offer, but it has grown me closer to the Lord like I never imagined. On my first day, I was met by some of the most godly brothers and sisters in Christ that I’ve ever had. The way that they have selflessly encouraged and poured into me since that day is something that I can’t quite put into words, other than a priceless gift from a loving Father who knows what I need. Oh, what joy springs from a relationship with One who foreknew my need for spiritual growth! It’s so special to see how the Lord works through His servants to further His kingdom.

I feel that every Christian could benefit from serving on the sidewalk for at least a bit of time. It’s on the sidewalk that we converse with people who have never heard of the gospel in their entire life; it’s on the sidewalk that we experience our Advocate pulling mothers and fathers to His bosom, wiping away the guilt that the carnal being deems unforgivable; it’s on the sidewalk that we feel the presence of Almighty God flood the very gates of hell as we pray together for the unborn as well as the blinded souls that enter. The Lord equips those who are willing to serve Him, and I give Him all of the praise.

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