Teresa learned to trust God even in hard decisions.


God is always in the business of restoring lives. We have seen that time and time again through the Cities4Life sidewalk ministry in front of the largest abortion clinic in the Southeast.  One by one, moms that accept the help we offer are experiencing transformation and hope where they once felt hopeless.

One particular morning in early February,  we had one such mom who found herself in a difficult situation. Teresa* discovered she was pregnant and although she wanted to keep the baby, she was feeling extreme pressure from her husband to abort this child. Neither of them knew the One who created this precious baby. They were looking only at all the outward circumstances. 

She had an appointment to abort but ended up coming on board the mobile ultrasound unit before that appointment. Unfortunately, she was too early in the pregnancy to see the tiny baby. Her husband was adamant that she head over to the abortion clinic to “take care of the problem.”  However, they were in such deep discussion with Cities4Life counselors and our wonderful nurse, they were late for their abortion appointment and had to reschedule.

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The following week, again instead of keeping their abortion appointment, Teresa and her husband returned for another ultrasound onboard the mobile unit. God was obviously drawing them, especially her, to the help and hope we were offering. This time around, they were able to see a beautiful heartbeat and a perfect little baby! Her husband refused to participate, still focused on killing his child. He said, “It’s too much responsibility!” 

Teresa had a huge uphill battle in front of her. Could she fully surrender to God’s plan and not give in to the demands of her husband? Plus, they still had their rescheduled appointment at the abortion clinic. The good news…this mom was beginning to see clearly that this was a life growing inside of her, not just a blob of tissue with no value. But would her husband see the same truth?

In Ephesians 3:20 the Bible says: 

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think”. 

God was purposefully at work in her life. They canceled their second abortion appointment because she was having doubts and her heart was changing.  Obstacles overwhelmed her as the enemy worked overtime with a plan to destroy the life that God created. Due to stress and strong pressure again from her husband, Teresa agreed to schedule a third appointment at the abortion center.

The enemy always tries to convince us to take the easy way out. But when we are weak, He is strong! Teresa chose the path of obedience and decided it was more important to choose God’s way and spare her child’s life than to listen to the lies of the enemy. 

She never showed up for her third and final appointment at the clinic. Although she has had to painfully separate from her husband, God has shown His grace over her life in incredible and profound ways! She is comfortably settled in a local maternity home where she is being loved and supported daily. She’s also learning life skills that will train her to be successful. She even wants to go back to school and become a nurse.

Most importantly,  she has surrendered her heart to Jesus and is following His path for her life. She has connected with the baby that she had once considered disposing of, and her heart’s desire is that her child will be raised to know God. She is beginning to see and understand that God is concerned with every detail of her life. This story of redemption is why we do what we do on the sidewalk. Ultimately,  this is the work of an incredible God who longs to redeem and restore each and every one of us.

*name changed for privacy

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