Summer of Saving Lives


It’s been a little while since we’ve sent an email update and some of you may be wondering, “What’s been happening with Cities4Life this summer?” We’re so glad you asked. Although the battle has been difficult, it has been a summer of saving lives. It’s always our desire to keep those interested in our frontline ministry engaged in what’s going on. We continually need your prayer support, but we also know that it helps encourage you to hear about all that God is doing.

So far this year we have seen 307 moms choose LIFE at the abortion clinics here in Charlotte. In addition we’ve had 25 men and women pray to receive Jesus as Lord. As you know our goal is not only save babies, as important as that is, we also desire to see souls saved in the process. After all if abortion is to come to an end in our city The Church wielding the awesome power of the Gospel is what will bring it to an end.

One quick story we would like to share is of a young lady who we will call K. This young lady, K, came to Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic a few weeks ago. Her situation, as many of the situations we encounter, was a difficult one. Her husband was abusive, she didn’t have a place to stay, and wasn’t employed. On top of all of that she found out she was carrying twins. She arrived at the clinic earlier than most of the patients and even earlier than our volunteers typically get there. But in the providence of God, Elijah (a F.I.R.E. School of Ministry student and an intern with us), arrived earlier than he typically does. He was able to talk with K before she went into the abortion clinic. Eventually she was able to talk further with Vicky, our Volunteer Coordinator, and share the depth of her situation. Like many of the moms we meet at the clinic, she felt that in light of her dire situation abortion was her only option. She felt she had nowhere to turn. Praise the Lord that Vicky was able to share resources with her and even go as far as finding some legal help for her marital situation. She left that day having chosen life and with a long list of resources for her situation. Later that evening when Vicky followed up with her she began to see her need, not only for practical help, but most importantly for spiritual help. She saw her need for a Savior. Right then and there she prayed to receive Jesus as the Lord of her life. Through the gracious work of Love Life Charlotte and other partner ministries we were able to find her a mentor and ultimately a job. She even joined our team on the sidewalks in front of that same abortion clinic to share her story with those going into the clinic. God is so awesome to allow us to be a part of the great work He is doing in front of these dark places in our city.

Recently Vicky, Cities4Life Volunteer Coordinator, has undertaken the task of profiling our wonderful sidewalk volunteers.  Please take the time to read the reasons why these wonderful people involve themselves in this life saving ministry. Hopefully it will encourage you to be involved as well!

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