Spring is Here!!! Well Sort of…


Though it’s hard to believe, because the weather hasn’t yet seemed to fully catch up with this reality, Spring is here. As our volunteers continue to brave the cold and enjoy a few days of warmth, we did want to encourage you with all that God has done through the ministry of Cities4Life so far this year.

First off we’ve seen 144 moms choose LIFE at the local abortion clinics here in Charlotte! If you’ve been been following us on social media you’ve probably heard the awesome story about a couple who recently came to the Latrobe abortion clinic to begin the abortion pill procedure. Immediately after taking the first medication she began to regret her decision. On their way out of the parking lot the young man caught a glimpse of the sign we have posted offering the Abortion Pill Reversal. As the day progressed they both decided that the decision to have an abortion was not right and wanted to do what they could to save their baby. He remembered the sign offering the reversal and a quick Google search helped him get connected with the APR hotline. Ultimately they were connected with our friends at HELP Pregnancy Center and the abortion pill reversal was started. On the day of their follow up ultrasound everyone was delighted to see a strong heartbeat coming from the precious little baby. During that visit both mom and dad heard a thorough presentation of the Gospel and both wanted to surrender their lives to Jesus. A few weeks later they shared that they wanted to take a very important step in obedience to the Lord and get married. This is such a powerful story of redemption and how God can use the presence of humble Christians standing in front of an abortion clinic to shine His light of truth into the lives of men and women.

There are so many stories that we could share of God’s awesome redemption that have taken place this year. We have, so far, seen 11 people confess Jesus as Lord either in front of the abortion clinics or that are in some way connected to our outreach at the clinics. In addition to the story we just shared one story comes to mind of a young lady who came to the abortion clinic last year. As she pulled in she took one of the booklets called, “Tiny Hands That Hold My Heart” that we give out. Within these booklets, in addition to the wonderful information in it’s pages, we include information about ministries we partner with that offer help and resources for many of the situations of the women coming to the clinics. We also put a personal contact number in case they are too overwhelmed to talk right then but want to talk later. This young lady went into the clinic but ended up choosing LIFE. She didn’t let us know she chose LIFE, she just left. When she was going into the clinic she heard us talking about the resources and in particular the free baby showers we offer. Apparently she still held onto the booklet and just a few weeks ago decided to take us up on our offers of help. In conversation with Vicky, our volunteer coordinator, she acknowledged that she didn’t have a relationship with Jesus and that if she were to die she would go to hell (her own words). Vicky lovingly shared the hope of the Gospel with her and she prayed to receive Jesus as Lord right there on the phone. It’s awesome how every conversation can be used to share God’s wonderful plan of redemption.

Just to share a little vision for what God has put on our hearts this year, we are really focusing on raising up teams for outreach at the clinics in the afternoon. Of course we are called to be a voice for these voiceless babies that die everyday, but we are also called to be a Gospel witness to the men and women going into and coming out of the abortion clinics. It’s our desire to be the voice of love and truth as they are leaving the clinic after an abortion. Of course this will require more resources and more volunteers. Because of that, as well as to maintain our focus and increase our presence in the mornings, we are holding an event designed to help those who may want to get involved but still have questions. So if you, or some folks you know, have been wanting to get involved and are looking for the opportunity to find out what that means and get any questions you may have answered, join us May 10th at Stonebridge Church. Please click below ⬇️ to sign up.

Also please continue to pray for this ministry. Everyday it is a battle for our volunteers to reach out at the local clinics. It seems the enemy has really ramped up his efforts to oppose and hinder us. The Charlotte zoning department has really been increasing their harassment of us because of our signs. It seems each time they come out they have a different ordinance, or interpretation of an ordinance, that they try to use in order to give us citations. We have filed a lawsuit against the city for these infringements and the city has even reimbursed us for some of the signs they have taken but they are still using the zoning department to try and hinder our efforts.



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