Sidewalk Report


Last week was a busy one for our sidewalk counselors here in Charlotte.  9 babies were saved from abortion (Praise the Lord!), and we were able to have many interactions with those who brought women for abortions as well.

Our primary ministry is to those women headed in for abortions, but we try to never miss an opportunity to minister to the husbands, boyfriends or friends who drive a woman there either.  Many of these men who are just standing around outside waiting for the women inside to be done with their appointment will come down to talk, to argue, to receive prayer, or just to listen.   We had this type of opportunity arise several times this past week.  In one situation a dad who came down to talk with us was initially very angry, and after speaking with some of the men on the sidewalk, left after letting us pray with him.  We pray that seeds were planted during that conversation that will grow over the next few weeks, and he will come to know the Lord through that interaction.  It is so important for men to be present on the sidewalk to minister to these men who are standing by why their child is being killed, calling them to be strong and stand up for their sons and daughters.  We are so thankful to have strong and brave men ministering with Cities4Life who do just that!


In addition to the babies that were saved, we also had a quite a few folks out who were interested in a first hand experience of sidewalk ministry. It is a good first step for those who are interested in volunteering with us to shadow a team to really see what ministry in front of an abortion clinic is like. We are so grateful for those who are answering the call to be a voice for the voiceless and joining us on the frontlines to be the hands and feet of Jesus!  Our volunteer coordinator, Vicky, has had a busy first month and is holding a training for more new volunteers tonight!  Space for that training is full, but we will be holding more training events soon.  For more information on upcoming events, contact her at


We are so grateful for each and every one of you who daily pray for us, give financially so we can continue to minister every day the abortion clinic is open, and those who help support those women who chose life through the meeting of practical needs.  We could not do this without each one of you!

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