Cities4Life Training at PRC of Charlotte


pregnancy resource center of CharlotteThis past Friday, November 22, Cities4Life had the opportunity to conduct a two-part sidewalk counseling training session with the volunteers and staff of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Charlotte. We are very excited about this new partnership with the PRC and pray for a wonderful relationship as we continue to work together for God’s glory to end abortion in our city.

Jeanette Wilson lead the in-house training at the PRC, which prepared the volunteers and staff for ministry outside the abortion clinic. Then the newly trained volunteers took to the sidewalk at Latrobe where Lisa Metzger helped them to put their sidewalk counseling training into practice as well as answered practical questions about sidewalk counseling ministry that they had. To God’s glory, there was one possible save on Friday.

Below, is a snippet from a post written by one of the new PRC Mobile Ultrasound Unit Staff, who also teaches with Surrender the Secret, a post- abortive Bible study. She herself is post-abortive and shares about her experience being on the sidewalk outside an abortion clinic for the first time on Friday:

“It is a very dark place, this ‘Mordor’ in my city. But there is light in this present darkness: the light of Christ shines through those who stand on the sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic; it emanates from every volunteer at our center; and it radiates from every Surrendering the Secret facilitator. ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’ (John 1:5). The darkness cannot overcome the light. Thank you, Lord.”

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  1. Susan Lawing

    Yeah! This is wonderful, and I’m praying for a strong, lasting relationship to continue between C4L and PRC of Charlotte. What a joy to be seeking God’s kingdom and his righteousness as one unified body in Christ.

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