Sidewalk Counseling Tips: What Would you Say to Misty?


Cities4Life wants to provide web-based, sidewalk counseling tips and training through the “What Would You Say?” posts. Not only is this good practice for thinking on your feet during everyday encounters you might have with people who oppose your worldview, but it is also good training for those who want to do Frontline Ministry outside of abortion mills. And remember, scripture addresses the root of these problems.

What would you say to Misty?

As we all know, getting abortion-minded women to visit the ICU Mobile Ultrasound Unit is extremely important. It is there that many women choose life after seeing their babies on ultrasound and receiving biblical counseling regarding their situations. So let’s say that you approach Misty about getting a free ultrasound on the ICU Mobile Unit outside the abortion mill but she responds by saying: “No thanks. That would just make it harder. I’m here too, um, terminate.” What would you say?

Some Questions You Can Pose to Misty

As we rely on the Lord for His guidance and leading and to open Misty’s heart, here are some practical questions that we can ask her to make her think about her decision:

1)Why would it make it harder?

2)What do you mean by “terminate”?

3)What do you think an ultrasound shows?

By asking these questions, we are opening the door for Misty to ultimately communicate verbally what she already knows in her heart- that she is carrying a baby and that the ultrasound will confirm that. You are also getting her to acknowledge that she is there to end the life of her child but if she were to see her child beforehand, it may in fact change her mind about this decision. Rather than making an informed decision, she would prefer to just go through with the abortion but in a way that she feels will leave her with the least amount of guilt as possible.

As we open the lines of communication here, it presents an opportunity to appeal to her conscious and maternal instincts, both from God, as there must already exist some bond with the child if seeing him beforehand would make her decision to abort more difficult. Here are some things we could maybe appeal to:

1.) Not seeing your baby beforehand will not make the guilt of your abortion go away because you are already this baby’s mother.

2.) You obviously love your baby because you know it will be hard to go through with this if you were to see him or her.

3.)  Once you have the abortion, it can not be undone so why not make an informed decision.

4.) Seeing your baby’s ultrasound will help you bond with your baby even more and to make the right decision today.

Prayer is our greatest weapon so as we share these words of life, we pray in our hearts that Misty would be encouraged to go onto the mobile ultrasound unit (or to leave the place of death altogether). On the unit, she will get the opportunity to see her baby, get counseling regarding her specific situation and needs from loving volunteers, hear the Gospel and prayerfully choose life for her little one!

Share Your Thoughts

If you have other thoughts or responses that you would pose to  Misty, feel free to contribute by posting in the comments section. We desire that these tips and “talking points” be used to help all of us in this endeavor to save lives and to spread the truth of the Gospel.



3 Responses to “Sidewalk Counseling Tips: What Would you Say to Misty?”

  1. Carrie Barbour

    Thank you so much for this very helpful post ! I have to keep reminding myself that these Women already know this decision is wrong. Just like you remind us here , appeal to her conscious. There are other really great points made and I am going to take some notes . So well written , thanks again so much !

  2. Jessica

    Great post! Thanks for giving some practical application! 🙂

  3. Danielle

    I think questions are very powerful in getting a person to think without telling them what to think! All these responses are great! After asking these kinds of questions, I would also appeal to her conscience by pointing out that she obviously knows it’s a baby. And if she knows it’s a baby, then she knows she is committing murder. And one of the Ten Commandments is “Do not murder,” so she has broken God’s command. From there, I could present the Gospel to her and show her her need of true repentance and turning to Christ for salvation.

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