Should We Give Up?


Last week was a brutal week. It is never easy to stand in front of the busiest abortion center in the southeast, but last week was particularly difficult. In three days, about 150 unborn babies were slaughtered, more than we typically see there in a week! The coronavirus and ensuing requirements to abide by safety restrictions are difficult enough for our teams to deal with. Watching the carnage of nearly double the average number of abortions is overwhelming. To add to the despair, only six babies we know of were spared at that last critical junction. While every baby saved is a cause for rejoicing, so few saved in the face of so many deaths is horrific.

To be truthful, it is hard to hold discouragement at bay. Self-scrutiny intensifies. Questions inevitably surface about what we are doing wrong or what could we do better. Shoulders sag among our volunteers as yet another abortion-determined mother zooms into the packed parking lot. Without pausing despite our pleas and offers of resources and hope, she rushes into the abortion center as though it were offering free ice cream, not the destruction of a living human being. 

Should we just give up?

We do not write this to garner pity but to put in perspective the battle we face each day. We know the solution is also the universal solution to all fear, all despair, all discouragement, all disappointment. Our call is not to save anyone. That is God’s work.  We know that intellectually. But still…it is so hard!

It is tempting to just give up.

The Bible is clear. Our call is to humble obedience to whatever God has asked of us. God has asked us to show up where His most vulnerable children are being executed. He has asked us to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. He has asked us to offer the hope and truth of the Gospel and to proclaim it with bold confidence as the only source of abundant life. This is the solution we all have the power and even the Biblical mandate to offer.

And, if we had given up…what about those 6 babies?

We should not gloss over that very critical fact. In spite of all the fear and uncertainly imposed upon our world by this pandemic, despite all the desperation and hardened hearts and anxiety of what the future holds, 6 precious hearts are still beating that would have been silenced. 6 precious souls will continue to develop and have the opportunity to one day smell a rose or watch an eagle fly. 6 little people with a plan and a purpose designed by God before one day of theirs came to be are still on that unique and glorious path.

So we don’t give up. 

In times like these, when we are tempted to be discouraged, it is a tremendous blessing to know that people like you are standing with us. God uses your prayers and support to help keep us encouraged on the sidewalk. It is not easy, but our teams have continued to show up, to defend the voiceless, and to proclaim the Gospel. We are grateful for your prayers and support. And so are 6 little babies.

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