She Was In Anguish


Jo came out of the abortion center parking lot sobbing. She pulled over and told us she was in anguish. She didn’t want to abort but had no idea what else to do. She was from another country and all alone. Her boyfriend told her if she didn’t abort, he would leave her. Like so many women we encounter, she knew God and knew abortion was wrong, but felt trapped, no other choice. What could she do? She came on the RV. We discussed the obstacles she was facing, resources that could help her, and offered to walk with her through her pregnancy and beyond. We prayed with her and shared the truth of God with her. As she saw her baby on the ultrasound screen she began to weep, not out of anguish but out of joy that her baby was safe inside her womb. By the end, she said she felt empowered, joyful, and excited about her baby. Most of all, she no longer felt alone.


Just image if our volunteers wouldn’t have been there. Please understand that your prayer and financial support of this ministry are vital in keeping the lifesaving work going here in Charlotte. Now until December local businessmen have offered to match dollar for dollar each gift that is given to support Cities4Life. $10 becomes $20, $30 becomes $60, and so on, up to $5,000. Please take this opportunity to let your gift have the most impact.



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