She Walked Out


It was a typical day down at the sidewalk in front of the busiest abortion clinic in the Southeast.  Cities4life counselors, as always, called out to women after they pulled into this horrible place of death. I never noticed Momma K pulling into the parking lot. What a wonderful surprise it was when the door of the clinic opened and she, along with her sweet friend, were leaving and walking towards us with questioning looks on their faces.

Sara-C4L BShower Ministry, Marybeth, And “K” at her C4L baby shower

“Can you help us? We are confused. This just doesn’t feel right.” Thankfully, the best friend accompanying Momma K encouraged her not to abort. We met them as they walked out of the clinic.

Every day on the sidewalk, Cities4Life counselors gently share the truth of God’s word. And we listen. The reality is that these moms are often in extremely difficult situations. They are desperate and broken, like Momma K, who was preparing to head into the back room of the clinic to abort her precious baby. 

But guess what??? She walked out!
After a few minutes of explaining the truth of His word that every child is created by Him and has a divine plan and purpose, she agreed to come on board the Help Pregnancy Center RV.  Parked on the curb outside the abortion center, the RV has a mobile ultrasound where mothers can see their unborn baby.

We all rejoiced with Mama K as we watched that perfect little heart beating at just 6 weeks! The tears flowed and momma K knew that this baby was a gift from God.

“K” delivered her baby healthy and loved last week.

Not only did she walk out of that clinic and choose life for her treasured child, but she chose to give her heart to the One who knit him together in her womb. On the RV that day, this brave young lady saved the life of her child and surrendered her own to the only One who can save us from destruction. Why did God change the course of her life that day?

All because she walked out! She took that first step of faith and obedience and God took hold of her heart.

I pray that every abortion-minded mom would have the courage to just “walk out” of darkness and “walk into ” the light.

Psalm 40:2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire, he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. 

Cities4Life counselors give of their time and effort to be the last line of defense and last voice of truth before a mother takes her child’s life. This is our calling as a ministry and by God’s grace we see stories like Momma K’s play out on a regular basis. Will you pray about being a part of this Gospel-centered work? Click one of the links below to get more information on how you can help.

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