She Tried to Abort 5 Times


As believers, we know that we are in a spiritual battle. Every day we get out of bed in the morning- whether a pastor, business person, contractor, homeschool mom, or whatever- we awaken to the reality that there’s a battle between light and darkness, truth and lies, that rages around us. This spiritual battle is never more real than when we stand in front of an abortion center speaking the truth to those going inside. We often feel the battle in our own heart and mind, but can also see it on the faces of those seeking an abortion.

We understand that the moms going into the abortion center are in this battle themselves. They may not even be aware of the spiritual fight within, but it is raging nonetheless. Every time we encounter a mom who chooses LIFE, we know that her decision for LIFE isn’t the end of the battle. As a matter of fact, in many ways, it has just begun. Thankfully our Cities4Life sidewalk counselors and the other ministries we work with are in this battle to win. Not just for the babies but also for these mommas.

Just a few months ago, we encountered G. Like many of the moms we meet going into the abortion centers, she was overwhelmed with her circumstances. Relationship struggles and other crushing personal issues pressed her on all sides, but all the while God was speaking: Trust Me. G went to abort 5 different times, but each time the Lord put something or someone in her path to turn her away.

When we first encountered G at the Latrobe abortion center, she pulled over to talk with Megan, a Cities4Life sidewalk counselor. She shared some of her struggles as Megan graciously offered her our tangible resources. Vicky, our volunteer coordinator, walked over to assist in the conversation. Later, G shared how she saw a vision of a face that morning… and the vision looked just like Vicky who she had never met. 

G left the abortion center and ended up following Megan to the local Pregnancy Resource Center to get an ultrasound and see her baby for the first time. At that point, she had made a choice for LIFE but it was apparent that she was still wavering in her decision.

Unfortunately, G ended up making another appointment to abort. Before she could keep that appointment, Vicky reached out to her and invited her to lunch to talk things through. We know the struggles that an abortion-minded mom goes through. Over the years we’ve encountered almost every situation under the sun and we’ve seen God’s faithfulness each time. As a result, we can confidently speak redemptive truth to these women. That’s exactly what Vicky did. Thankfully G didn’t keep her appointment that day. Two additional times, G lost the battle to fear and tried to return to the abortion center. Both times, she was again thwarted by unbelievable intervention.

A few weeks later, again G was persuaded by circumstances( and the devil) that abortion would be the best thing for her. A fifth time, she went to the abortion center and this time she didn’t stop to talk to the Cities4Life sidewalk counselors but instead went into the building. I phoned Vicky so that she could be praying and possibly reach out to G before she made this horrible decision. 

It really looked like G was going to abort because she went inside the abortion center and didn’t come out for awhile. So we had no choice but to put the situation in the Lord’s hands. We had spoken truth to her and offered every resource that we could. It was apparent to us that G had given up in this battle and allowed the enemy to win. Much to our surprise and delight, G stepped out of the abortion center and agreed to go onboard the H.E.L.P. mobile unit. This time was the last time she would ever consider abortion.

She saw her baby on the ultrasound,  who was now about 12 weeks old. She vowed she would never look back again. She was going to let her baby live. 

Weeks went by, and she kept in regular contact with Vicky. At one point, the doctors ran some tests and raised concern that G’s baby may have Down Syndrome.  Further tests made them virtually certain of their diagnosis. G was still within the legal timeframe where she could have an abortion. 

Her response in a text to Vicky: “I’m going to love this baby and protect her no matter what!”

A few days ago, Vicky received a text from G along with some amazing pictures of her precious newborn baby girl.

“This is amazing! The best miracle! Thank you again for everything. For each time you called and texted me!”

G was overjoyed to finally be holding this little girl that so many battled to keep alive. Though at times she may have seemed to give up the fight, she was so thankful that our faithful volunteers continued to reach out to her offering real help and speaking truth. 

Oh, and one more little miracle from God. G’s baby was born healthy with no signs of Down Syndrome. To God be the glory.

Day after day, Cities4Life counselors stand in front of the abortion centers here in Charlotte. G drove three hours to abort.  Many moms we encounter drive from all over the Southeast to come to Charlotte for abortions. Sometimes the cars fill the parking lot and overflow to a second. Please help ensure that a Cities4Life sidewalk counselor will be there to offer help and hope to these desperate mothers. Consider supporting us with a monthly gift. Your gift will help train, equip, and sustain Cities4Life volunteers as we faithfully bring the hope of Jesus and practical help to the mothers who flock to local abortion centers.

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