September Volunteer Spotlight


It’s time for our monthly volunteer spotlight! Cities4Life™ LOVES our volunteers. They are so selfless, giving and God-honoring. We are comprised of volunteers who range anywhere from retired grandparents to single young people, as well as everything in between. There is no mold to fit into to be part of Cities4Life. The only thing that is required is that you love Jesus, have committed your life to Him, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Our September volunteer spotlight is a woman who fits this definition perfectly. She’d be the first to tell you that she was petrified to get involved. She felt completely under qualified, but still felt drawn to this ministry. Her interest began simply out of curiosity. She had heard from another homeschool mom about Cities4Life and sidewalk ministry, and as a very pro-life author, she thought it would make a great story. So, under the cover of doing research for a new book, she attended the Cities4Life Frontlines 101 Training. After going through training and seeing firsthand what sidewalk ministry was all about, she quickly saw that the book could wait. God had other plans for her!

Meet Vicky Kaseorg. She has been a wife to Arvo for the past 35 years and has 3 children, who are all grown and out on their own now. She is an author with 15 published books, and she strives to present God, faith, and redemption at the core of every book she writes. Her past work includes homeschool mom of 3, occupational therapist mostly to children with disabilities, and an art teacher.

This sweet volunteer has been involved with Cities4Life for almost two years. “It [sidewalk counseling] are the best moments, and the hardest moments of my life,” Vicky says.

Vicky is always wearing a smile, and those who work with her will tell you, she can get anybody to stop and talk to her. She has a gift to reach out to these women and meet them where they are in life. She says her favorite part about ministering with Cities4Life is the difference she makes in the lives of the women she meets. “I can’t tell you how many times a woman has changed her mind and told me I was a sign from God to turn her from something she would regret for the rest of her life. I follow-up regularly with 20 women now, sending them daily Bible verses. I’ve also had the incredible privilege of leading many of them to Christ.”

As I said before, Vicky will be the first to tell you that she never imagined herself doing anything like this. She is shy, terrified of public speaking, and is afraid of confrontation, yet she says, “On those sidewalks I have never felt so empowered by the Holy Spirit as I do there. He takes over, and I am bumbling as a fool I expe, but God works miracles despite me. It is such a joy and blessing. I never expected to feel joy in that awful place, but I do. So many women turn from abortion because we agree to just show up.”

Vicky is so right. We are all just simply people, who love God and want to follow the model of loving our neighbor as ourselves in Luke 10, and The Great Commission in Matthew 28.

If you are interested in getting involved with Cities4Life™, consider the following…

Thank you for your continued support!

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