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Not Abortion-Minded But Needing Hope

Surprisingly, not every woman we Kyndra and A mom who chose lifeencounter at the local abortion centers is abortion-minded. That was the case for Bre*. She needed a pregnancy test and just googled “free pregnancy test”. She was directed to the Latrobe abortion center. Apparently it’s part of their marketing.

Thankfully, Kyndra was there to reach her before she went in. Bre has some struggles and there’s no doubt that the abortion center would have capitalized on those struggles. She could have likely been talked into an abortion instead she received a free ultrasound on the unit where she saw her baby wave on the ultrasound. Bre also heard the Gospel and was connected with a mentor who will help Bre through her struggles.

Bre said, “God placed y’all there!” and we agree. God has called us to these dark places to reach women like Bre and bring the Hope of the Gospel and practical help.

*not her real name 

Click here or on the image to see the Facebook Live we did with Bre 

As a Gospel-centered ministry Cities4Life™️  volunteers and staff work tirelessly to make sure no woman goes into an abortion center without hearing of the Hope and Help that comes through the Lord and His people. We hope this monthly newsletter will be an encouragement as you see what God is doing through this ministry.
Proverbs 31:8

Volunteer Spotlight


My name is Kelly Munn. I gave my lifePro-life volunteer to Jesus Christ and came to know 

him as my Lord and Savior when I was 16 years old. The Lord brought me back from the brink of suicide, more than once. 

Our God is a great and mighty God. He loves his children. ALL of his children. His children are called to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

My older sisters came out on the sidewalks long before I did. I kept putting off coming out. I was scared I would cry. I was scared it would be too much. I was scared I couldn’t handle it. Then Kyndra said something that changed my mind. 

“I can’t be sitting at home doing nothing when I know that babies are dying. God calls us into situations that are hard and uncomfortable so we will grow. It’s all for His Glory. We can’t do nothing, when He is calling us to do his work.”

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Coming this Month…

We’ve survived the brutal heat of summer and we’re thankful for that. The weather should be nice through September but this month does bring unique challenges. With school back in session, we’re likely to see an influx of college students visiting the abortion centers in our city.  These are some of the most difficult women to reach because society gives so much justification for a young mother to abort because “she shouldn’t ditch her education for a baby.”

We have some great “Gospel-Centered Pro-Life” podcast episodes coming up in September. Jason Jimenez from Stand Strong Ministries will be joining us for an episode to talk about pro-life apologetics. Also, Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy will join us for an episode on “Raising Your Children in the Culture of Death”.


Will you be a Champion4Life? Cities4Life needs your support. Our goal this month is to raise up 20 Champions4Life. These are individuals who believe in the mission of Cities4Life and are committed to supporting us with $25, $35, or $75 a month

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