Offering Real Choices


A few days ago, one of our brand new volunteers was delighted when a car driver stopped beside her and reached for the pro-life literature we were offering. It was a mother and a daughter. The daughter looked very young, probably mid-teens. By the time I reached the car, the girl was crying, there were tears in her eyes. The new volunteer stepped back as I started to speak,  heartbroken as the mother’s eyes flooded with tears as well. The security person raced over and said, “Ma’am you can’t stop here; they are not with the clinic.”

I continued to talk to the mother, telling her we had resources and help and they did not have to do this abortion. The mother of the teen shot me a look which  I will never forget. Her eyes were beseeching, sympathetic, and desperate. I don’t know the situation that brought them there but it was clear to me that this young woman and her mother did not want to do this abortion.

The security guard continued to strongly urge them to drive into the parking lot as we would never shut up. The driver, clearly flustered, again looked at me with grief, and drove into the parking lot. The teen looked back at us with longing and sadness. 

In the many years I’ve been out there, I have encountered similar situations. I had a strong sense that if I could’ve had 10 minutes to talk with that woman, she would have made a different choice than abortion.

These women coming to the abortion center are oftentimes in crisis, with their focus on fears and obstacles. They have been told that we are the enemy, that we lie, and that we are mean. They are specifically warned not to stop and talk with us. 

Sadly, this eliminates the voice speaking for life which is especially important for the women in deep conflict because their conscience is already seared at the thought of aborting their child. Research shows that if someone is conflicted regarding the abortion, particularly younger women in their teenage years, the aftermath of abortion can be devastating emotionally and spiritually.

One of the greatest lies of the abortion industry is that they are there to give women choices and to promote health. The opposite is true in both cases. They are there to promote abortion. Pro-life people are there to offer real choices.

Fortunately, that young girl does have my name and phone number. I pray that she will call me if she feels the devastation of abortion crushing down upon her. The abortion center will not offer help, counseling, or healing resources. The abortion center will certainly not offer the Gospel which is the only hope for redemption that young lady has. But we will.

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