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We can all do something. Will you commit to pray?

Since we realize that not everyone is able to join us on the sidewalks at Charlotte’s abortion clinics, we humbly ask that you consider standing with one of our teams each week in prayer. Our teams are faced with a very real spiritual battle every day that they show up to speak for the unborn. As we all know, our enemy is not flesh and blood, but spiritual hosts of wickedness (Eph 6:12). Since our war is not carnal, our weapons can’t be either (2 Cor 4:10).

War Room Prayer
Ms Clara in her war room – Photo credit: David Whitlow, courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films

Many of you have watched the movie “War Room“, an inspiring movie about the power of prayer. Ironically that movie was filmed here in Charlotte area and quite a few of our volunteers were extras and even actors in that movie. As a ministry we believe in power of prayer. As Miss Clara said “Lord we need an army of believers that will stand on Your Word above all else. Raise up warriors Lord, who will fight on their knees,”. Will you be part of that army? Please sign up below and if you want, we will send a weekly reminder with a list of strategic prayer directives so you can pray effectively and accurately.


Here is a prayer card with strategic prayer directives on the back that you can print out. You can post it on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, war room, or wherever to remind you to pray.

c4L prayer card