One Pastor’s Take on Christians and Abortion Clinics- Pt. 5


What do you want from me!!! – By now, you’re going, “Dude, ok, we get it, normal Christian people can come see God do extraordinary things at abortion clinics; so, what do you want from me!?!?” The answer to this question is  “nothing”. I don’t want anything from you, except to come once. So, the question is, what does the Holy Spirit want from you? I didn’t give you the burden, the gifts, the calling, or the ministry, God did. How does he want you to use all the talents He has given you to wage Gospel war against the plans of the enemy to destroy life? There are so many ways to engage in active battle in this pro-life ministry. If you ask, He will make it clear. I am confident of this, that He who began this burden in you when you picked up your cross at the clinic, will be faithful to bring it to completion.

Don’t tell me you’re pro-life because you vote R at the booth. Show me you’re pro-life by how you intercede on behalf of orphans in their distress. I have a friend who has yet to be able to come to the abortion clinic with me, but his family is in the process of adopting an older Latvian orphan. He’s pro-life. Another friend has nowhere near the money needed to adopt, but he serves monthly at a clinic. He’s pro-life. There are people who won’t or can’t serve at a clinic, but they fund and meet the needs of those who do. They’re pro-life. A few families I know haven’t come to the clinic, but they donated thousands of dollars worth of furniture stocking a home for moms who choose life and adoption. They are pro-life. My father works every day of the week except Sunday, but a somehow a couple times a year he makes it with me to pray and minister at a clinic. He’s pro-life. A retired lady represents Christ 5 days a week at a local clinic, she’s pro-life. Some print and distribute flyers, collect signatures for legislation, repeatedly contact senators and representatives, they are pro-life. Going to church, voting R, living in the south doesn’t make you pro-life, by in large the church needs a little less talk and a lot more action.

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