One Pastor’s Take on Christians and Abortion Clinics- Pt. 4


Come once and pick up your cross – I have known many people to leap out in faith and come to an abortion clinic once to see what it’s like, and most all of them leave changed forever. It’s impossible to stand at a place where you physically see people walking in to a building where the very human life growing inside of them will be abruptly and violently terminated, and then leave like you just finished a peaceful walk in the park. If you dare come once, you’ll catch a burden. When Jesus says, “take up your cross and follow me”, is there only one cross to bear initially at salvation, or is following Jesus more about a life of constantly identifying and picking up the same kinds of crosses that he bore?  Jesus bore many figurative crosses at once, he carried many burdens, and clearly ones for orphans, widows, and little children. You may have a few crosses you’re already carrying, but I believe there is a cross to bear for every single professing Christian, one that we have preferred for too long to ignore. I am urging you, if you have never been to an abortion clinic, just come once, and pick up your cross; it’s waiting there for you. Come get your burden, then let God show you what to do with it.

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