One Pastor’s Take on Christians and Abortion Clinics- Pt. 3


Don’t knock it ‘til you try it – Many well meaning friends, sometimes the simple or uninformed, sometimes the status protecting leader types, will tell me, “How can yelling at people at an abortion clinic be loving, it seems unchristian like”, or “How effective is it really?”, or my favorite, “I don’t believe in protesting at abortion clinics.” Although there have been a few effective responses to these questions that I’ve used, I have to say the most common response I give now is simply, “What has been your experience at the abortion clinic?” It gets pretty quiet after that. After 10 plus years of frequenting abortion clinics and observing all that goes on there, I am able to say without apology that no Believer can truly assert that gospel ministry at an abortion clinic is a bad idea. I honestly believe the Church must unite at least over this basic principle, that the church of God must have a unified presence in real, feet to the ground, pro-life ministry. Every single Christian is not going to spend every single day at an abortion clinic, and that’s not what I’m asking. Only that every single Christian, and I mean every one, should support the idea of Christians ministering at an abortion clinic, and if they can’t go themselves, to speak very, very highly, and with gratitude for the ones who take the Gospel there, also blessing them with prayers, resources, and financial support.

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