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“God Please Put Somebody in My Path”

mom holding ultrasound pictureSome people are under the impression that every woman who shows up at an abortion center already has her mind made up. And while it is true that the majority of women are set in their decision, we encounter a large number of women who are in the valley of decision. Some were even praying for a sign from God that they shouldn’t have the abortion, on their way to the abortion center.

This was certainly true of Megan*. Like many of the ladies we minister to, she had some pretty difficult circumstances in her life. Finding out she was pregnant only added to the anxiety. Abortion was something she didn’t want to do but she felt it was the only way to help calm the storm around her. However, on the way to the abortion center, Megan breathed out a prayer to Lord. “God please put somebody in my path to show me that I can do this!” She prayed for someone to encourage her that she could keep this baby and make it through the storm.

God in His great faithfulness answered that prayer. He sent loving Cities4Life volunteers to help her. When offered a free ultrasound onboard the H.E.L.P. mobile unit she went right on board and fell in love with her precious baby. As a matter of fact, the picture above is Megan holding the ultrasound of her baby that day. 

Our counselor was able to talk with her through the situations and assure her that God had a better plan for her and her baby than abortion. She chose LIFE and is being plugged into a mentor, a church, and helpful resources. God is so good to answer our cries for help and He sure did that for Megan.

*name changed for privacy

As a Gospel-centered ministry Cities4Life™️  volunteers and staff work tirelessly to make sure no woman goes into an abortion center without hearing of the Hope and Help that comes through the Lord and His people. We hope this monthly newsletter will be an encouragement as you see what God is doing through this ministry.

October Volunteer Spotlight


Cities4Life Volunteer Lauren
Lauren (Left) Lori (Right)

Upon my first visit to Latrobe drive, all I could think was “I can’t do this. I’m not cut out for this. This is too much.” Having just had my daughter a few months prior, I could not help but remember the way she felt moving inside my womb as I heartbreakingly watched countless other mothers enter the clinic. Knowing what would soon happen, it was almost too much to bear. 

Nevertheless, I found myself back on Latrobe Drive a week later. I simply could not allow my fear and insecurity to justify turning a blind eye to what I saw.  The spiritual warfare that happens on those sidewalks is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The spiritual blindness and strong deception so many men and women are under left me stunned. How could I stay silent? Read more…

Coming this Month…

As many of you know the largest abortion provider in the world, Planned Parenthood, is planning to bring their abortion business to our city. Their new facility has been open since July but they haven’t yet gotten the state certification to perform abortions. Please pray that they don’t get certified, which would be a miracle for sure. But if they do start doing abortions we will be involved in equipping and training local churches to do sidewalk counseling at that location.  Please pray for this endeavor. As a ministry, it is our passion that the local church carries the light of the Gospel from their four walls to those at these very dark places.  

This month in our “Gospel-Centered Pro-Life” podcast we have some great episodes in the works. We’ll be talking with Devin Pellew from Ratio Christi about Abortion, Euthanasia, and Assisted Suicide and how these things tie together as it pertains to a pro-life worldview. We’ll also have Tara Quinn from H.E.L.P. Pregnancy Center on an episode to talk about the importance of the Gospel in pregnancy center ministry. 


Will you be a Champion4Life? Cities4Life needs your support. We had a goal last month to raise up 20 Champions4Life, which are monthly supporters of this ministry. Unfortunately, we didn’t meet that goal so we will extend it into October. Can you come alongside us with a monthly gift of $25, $35, or $75? Click here to get more information.

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