Not Just Local


God has blessed us with so many wonderful stories over the years. You’ve read about all that God has done through His people here in Charlotte at the local abortion centers. With those stories come a lot of experience of what works and what doesn’t work in reaching those going into an abortion clinic. You may not know however that the ministry of Cities4Life is not just local.

We actually have Cities4Life chapters in other cities. These were started by families who saw what God was doing here in Charlotte and they wanted to take that model and replicate that in their own city. Nashville, Tampa Bay, Monte Clair-New Jersey, and SoCal have Cities4Life chapters.

Because our resources are limited and it’s difficult to put effort behind starting new chapters we started a website about 5 years ago that was designed to take what we have learn in sidewalk counseling and help equip and encourage others to get involved in their city. The website is It’s been active for 5 years and we receive regular visit to that site from people all over the nation and all over the world. Unfortunately the site is outdated and difficult to navigate, so we’ve recently felt the need to revamp that website as well as add some new content that will be geared toward empowering those who want to be an effective witness at their local abortion clinic.

Like I said in the first part of this port, the Lord has blessed us with much good fruit and experience in how to best bring the hope of the Gospel and practical help through sidewalk counseling at the local abortion centers. I was recently convicted that as a ministry we may not be stewarding the talents the Lord has given us well if we don’t invest what we have learned into others who can take that knowledge and save lives in their city.

In the ‘Parable of the Talents” that Jesus taught in Matthew 25 and Luke 19 the master gave his servants a certain portion of his own resources and entrusted them to invest the talents that He gave them well. Two of the servants took risks and labored to invest what their master had given. When the master returned he commended them. But the servant who was afraid to invest the master was displeased with and actually punished him. I myself don’t want to be like that unfaithful servant but I also don’t want us as a ministry to be like that either. That’s why I believe it’s important that we take the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences we have in sidewalk counseling, our talents if you will, and invest them in others.

Please pray for this endeavor as we seek to expand the reach of our ministry in this powerful way. I regularly receive calls from people all over the country and all over the world from people who see our social media and blogposts and wonder how they can be effective at doing this type of ministry in their city.

Of course, this will take resources of time and money as we seek to make the website more accessible and easier to navigate as well as putting resources into producing training videos and other media resources. Would you consider financially supporting the ministry of Cities4Life as we embark on this mission as well as maintain and expand our mission here in Charlotte? Your one-time or monthly gift will go to proclaiming the Gospel and saving lives.




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