“Nobody Wants This Baby…But Me”


The coronavirus has had a heart-breaking effect on abortion rates. It appears to our teams in front of Charlotte abortion centers that abortion rates are rising in lockstep with the level of fear and adverse circumstances. Women who might not otherwise have considered abortion seem to be rushing into a decision for death to their child when facing the uncertainty and instability the pandemic has amplified.

One such woman, Kimberly*, paused for a Cities4Life counselor on her way into the abortion center. She was frightened, even panicked. She herself wasn’t even sure why she stopped. She agreed to go on the HELP mobile ultrasound unit parked on the curb. The counselors, nurse, and Kimberly all donned masks in compliance with CDC recommendations. Almost as soon as she boarded, she grew frantic. She would miss her appointment to abort.

The Cities4Life counselor told Kimberly she could leave at any time. However, she didn’t try to disguise the fact that those on the RV would counsel her to carefully consider this life or death decision for her baby. Our counselor told Kimberly that the wake of destruction in rash decisions based on fear could last a lifetime. Kimberly’s eyes misted and she sat down on the couch in the RV.

As Kimberly shared the obstacles she faced, the counselor wrote them down. Kimberly had a friend who was meeting her at the abortion center but had not yet arrived. The friend called Kimberly while she was on the RV, looking for her. 

“No they are not holding me hostage,” we heard Kimberly say. When the friend arrived and came aboard the RV, she told Kimberly she wished she hadn’t been late. It appeared she meant if she had been there sooner, Kimberly might not be deviating from the plan to abort.

Fortunately, Kimberly’s ambivalence about the wisdom of abortion began to surface. She claimed to know and love God. She was going through enormous trials in all areas of her life, and all the voices around her were counseling abortion. She admitted that she knew God would not have her kill her baby, but she didn’t see another way out of her struggles and fears.

The nurse was able to show Kimberly the baby’s gestational sac on the ultrasound, but the baby was too young to yet discern the heartbeat. Kimberly was still conflicted. When asked what she was feeling now, after the ultrasound, she said, “Numb.” The counselor shared the many resources we could offer and then asked if there were any other obstacles as yet unnamed that we needed to address.

Above the mask, Kimberly’s expressive eyes now filled with tears. 

“No one wants this baby,” she said as the tears streamed onto the cloth of the mask, “Except for me.”

Then Kimberly shared she had prayed for years for a baby. But every voice in her life was counseling abortion. Everyone felt abortion was the best action to take in the midst of the coronavirus and obstacles Kimberly faced.

The only voices supporting LIFE were the Cities4Life counselors and the nurse.

At that pronouncement, the counselor reminded Kimberly that she was NOT alone in wanting that baby. WE wanted her to spare her baby…but even more importantly, God wanted that baby. The counselor then shared the Gospel. Both Kimberly and her friend listened. They both said they had already asked Jesus to be their Lord and believed the Gospel. Neither seemed to fully understand that if Jesus was truly Lord of their lives…what were they doing at an abortion center to kill the baby God had created to be a blessing? If Jesus was Lord, why were they defying God’s command, “Thou shall not murder?” 

Gradually the counselor explained the true meaning of submitting one’s life to Jesus as Lord. Kimberly’s frantic eyes calmed. 

“If Jesus is your Lord, can you go in there and kill your baby?” the counselor asked.

“No,” she said.

“Will you choose life?”

“Yes,” Kimberly said.

As Kimberly gathered all the gifts and resources we piled into her arms, she thanked us over and over for being there. She and her friend drove away. Another one of our faithful Cities4Life counselors informed us that while we had been on the RV with Kimberly, three other women chose life.

As a supporter of Cities4Life, you get to help us be one of the very few voices that speak LIFE to women like Kimberly. In a world clamoring for abortion as an essential service in the midst of so much instability, our faithful counselors are there offering the only true and essential stability in this world. Jesus.

*name changed for privacy

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