New ICU Mobile Unit on the Ground


icu mobile2What a memorable day for the Cities4Life team and the Charlotte Pregnancy Resource Center as the new ICU mobile unit was on the ground outside of Family Reproductive Health for the first time on Wednesday, December 4th. It has been our earnest prayer for a very long time that there would be more outreach and activity outside of Family Reproductive Health, the abortion facility on the south end of Charlotte. Praise the Lord for answering our prayers by providing the mobile unit, where women can get pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and counseling- all free of charge. By God’s grace, two women who boarded the RV on Wednesday, chose life for their babies! We anticipate great things and many lives to be saved as we move forward in partnership with the Pregnancy Resource Center in the dispatch of the mobile unit outside the abortion facilities and throughout our city.


Day 1-Mobile Unit

ICU Mobile Training in Akron, OH
ICU Mobile Training in Akron, OH

To the right is a picture of the new mobile ultrasound unit that our team picked up a couple of weeks ago in Akron, Ohio. Below, ICU Mobile unit Charlotte RN, Vasti, is standing next to the ultrasound machine in the back of the unit. This mobile unit will be serving in Charlotte 6 days a week (on a rotating schedule) in front of all three Charlotte abortion clinics on the mornings these clinics perform abortions. The remainder of the day they will be parked in strategic locations around Mecklenburg County. When a girl has an ultrasound, they chance of them choosing abortion drops 65-75%. The ICU Mobile Charlotte team deployed for the first time this week.

Please read below Vasti’s thoughts on her first day serving in Charlotte:

“God is so good!  We are so privileged to be part of the pregnancy center’s mobile ultrasound unit ministry. Today was our first day at one of the abortion clinics in Charlotte. My partner and I stood outside watching as girl after girl walked into that clinic. Silently, we prayed for each of them as we saw them go in.  We asked God to bring them back out, to open there eyes to the truth, that they would find hope for themselves. We waited and waited. Then it happened.

Vasti_Day1A girl walked out with tears in her eyes and a Cities4Life counselor approached her and brought her to our unit. God was indeed present as we ministered to her. Our prayer was that she would feel more loved and cared for than she had been in the clinic. We offered her an ultrasound which led to the first heart beat to ever be played on the mobile unit. I was so much in awe of God’s work that I let the heart beat play a few seconds longer than I usually do just to soak it all in. We prayed with her and offered our helping hand as she makes upcoming decisions concerning her pregnancy.  It was a very overwhelming day; we were tired after we left the clinic but so overjoyed.  We praise Christ for His favor.”

Please, please, please pray for all the sidewalk counselors and ICU Mobile unit team (Vasti, Jill, and Bianca), the rest of the PRC staff and volunteers who are on the front lines sharing the love and truth of God with a broken world. Pray especially for for their strength and safety as they embark on this new strategy of going mobile throughout the county, part of an overall strategy to end abortion in Charlotte.

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