The Mission Field in Your Backyard


The words “missions”, “mission field” and “missionaries” immediately conjure images of those called to other countries to spread the Gospel, plant churches, dig wells, build hospitals, and other useful enterprises. Of course, these are important and necessary works that every Christian should support or pursue if the Lord calls. I personally have friends who have followed God’s call to the Philippians, India, Iraq, and other distant places. Sacrifice and self denial lead them to forsake the comforts of home to be missionaries in unsafe and uncomfortable places.

The news lately is filled with reports about the young man who was killed in his attempt to bring the Gospel to the North Sentinelese Island, an area that has long been hostile to any outside influence. This extreme example of answering God’s call is not typical — most of us will not sacrifice our lives to obey the Lord.

However, obedience to God always comes with a price. We should never lose sight that our sacrifice is but a small price compared to what our Lord and Savior gave so that we could know Him.

One of our sidewalk volunteers, Natalie, and her family, are answering the Lord’s call to be missionaries in Alaska to reach the indigenous people with the Gospel. This family is so compelled to serve the Lord that while they raise support for that work, they volunteer to be missionaries here in their own back yard mission field—at the local abortion clinic.

A  recent difficult personal experience gave Natalie a new perspective and message as she ministered on the sidewalk which she describes as she shares her heart and her testimony below. Her story demonstrates that God will use anyone who makes him or herself available to be used by Him. Notice at the end of her testimony, how God used Natalie to touch a mom in need.

“Hello, my name is Natalie. I have volunteered with Cities4Life every Friday morning for about a year now. I found out about Cities4Life through a family member and I started to follow the Facebook page out of curiosity. I quickly fell in love with the ministry and the outreach they were having at the clinic. I knew abortion was wrong, and I wanted to do something about it, but didn’t know how to and was terrified of the controversial side of things.

When I first started I wanted to become a bolder witness. I knew the controversy on the sidewalks would aid in that tremendously. My family and I are missionaries to Alaska, raising support now to go as soon as the Lord allows. I knew if I was going to go to remote Alaskan Indian villages then there would likely be lots of opposition. I wanted to learn how to talk to people who quite possibly hated me without knowing me. That is a weakness in my life I am trying to overcome with the Lord’s help!

I finally mustered the courage to message Mrs. Vicky about starting to volunteer on the sidewalks. The first day out there my heart broke! How could I not be a part of this ministry? What if the Lord uses me to be a help to a woman and her child?! What if I wasn’t there to say the thing that finally pricked that woman’s heart? Not that I am anything at all, but the Lord can use anyone at any time! Now I can’t imagine not being out there every week and I wish I could do more! The love I have for this ministry and the people involved has grown so much in this past year! They feel like my family now.

A couple of months ago, we found out that we were pregnant. The nurses on the RV were all eager to do my ultrasounds (free ultrasounds is a fringe benefit of being a sidewalk counselor) and we were all so excited for the future of this baby. About 6 weeks into the pregnancy we miscarried. It is not easy to want a baby and miscarry and to see women who don’t want their babies kill them every week.

However, I cannot say enough about the support of this “family” and what they have meant to me through one of the hardest times of my life. They texted me day or night with encouraging words, advice, and wrapped their arms around me with so much love each time I saw them! I have so much love and respect for these folks!

They stand out there on the sidewalks while being cussed out, harassed, followed, yelled at, rained on, stand in freezing cold or burning hot temps, and STILL meet you with a smile on their face! What an awesome ministry to be a part of! I have gotten to see lives changed, babies develop that had appointments to die, and wonderful testimonies of Gods grace and mercy in many people’s lives!

Around March of this year I was able to speak with a young mom who was 5-6 weeks along. She had gone inside the abortion clinic and they had denied her an abortion because she was too early to detect a heartbeat. She stepped outside and called her stepmother who told her not to have an abortion and to just come home. Instead of just leaving, she and her friend walked over to me on the sidewalk and asked about our mobile ultrasound unit. I spoke to them about it and walked them on board where Mrs Vicky took over.

Later on Mrs Vicky asked me if I would be willing to share my contact info with Momma “A” and be a friend to her through this pregnancy. I gladly accepted! Since then I have been able to keep in contact with her and we have become good friends! I was able to even go to her 3-D ultrasound that was provided free for her and see her precious little one smiling on that screen! I was also able to go to her baby shower provided by Mrs Sheryl of Truth and Mercy Pro-life Ministry. It is so wonderful to see fruit of your labor! I am so grateful to be a small part of Cities4Life Charlotte and I plan to do it until the doors of the Latrobe clinic are shut, or until God sends us to Alaska!”

Cities4Life Ministry couldn’t be the voice to the voiceless that God has called us to be in our city if it wasn’t for people like Natalie stepping out of their comfort zones to be a conduit for the Lord’s truth. God uses everyday people as vessels of His glory if we yield our lives to Him.

Is He tugging at your heart to do something for LIFE in this city? Please consider joining one of our sidewalk teams for a few hours. Maybe you are unable to come to the sidewalks but you still want to stand for life in our city. Prayerfully consider supporting the missionaries on the mission field in your backyard with your financial gift.

From now until the end of the year local businessmen who believe in our mission have committed to match every financial gift that comes in up to $7,000. If you give $25, that gift becomes $50. If you give $50, that gift becomes $100. Please consider how you can support this lifesaving work.

Everyone in Cities4Life from our awesome volunteers like Natalie, to our small staff, is actively involved at all three abortion centers in our city. We are transforming the communities these abortion-minded women come from by proclaiming the Gospel, discipling moms and dads, and giving ongoing tangible support to those we encounter.

God is doing an amazing work! You will discover it is a privilege to be a part of this proclamation of Life. The links below will be useful in helping you join us on this life-saving journey.


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