Local Abortionist says “Rape them and Send Them Here!”


On April 20, 2019, Ron Virmani, the abortionist who works at A Preferred Women’s Health Center on Latrobe Drive in Charlotte called out to Cities4Life volunteers, “Rape them, and send them here!” He has said this multiple times, but was caught on video doing so this time. This is a man who has no admitting privileges to any area hospitals and has lost his license in the past due to sexual misconduct. Does that sound like the words one would desire of a provider in an industry that claims to protect women’s rights and choices? Ron Virmani lost his license multiple times due to medical infractions or sexual misconduct, resulting in no admitting privileges to any area hospital. In 1992, he admitted to having improper sexual relationship with a patient for which his license was surrendered as he sought required treatment. Many serious charges have been leveled against this abortionist, as chronicled HERE. This is the man and clinic that “pro-choice clinic defenders” support. Using umbrellas with amplified sound tucked in the fabric, the “defenders” attempt to block the patients from being seen or from hearing the calls from Cities4Life volunteers who are offering truth about the abortionist as well as tangible hope and help to render a choice for life more probable. Of perhaps greater concern is the fact that Charlotte City Council is actively in the process of attempting to legalize a 200 foot quiet buffer zone which will affect the ability of the pro-life group to exercise their first amendment right to speak on behalf of the unborn and offer help. A single member of City Council, Ed Driggs, voiced deep concern over what he sees as a political agenda to silence a message of which some members of City Council don’t approve. He says this sets a very dangerous, and frankly unconstitutional, precedent. For Ed Driggs’ recorded words as well as the history of City Council’s attempts to squash the first amendment rights of prolife volunteers, click HERE. Compare the record and words of the abortionist that City Council and “Pro-choice”  groups are defending with the words below of a mother helped by Cities4Life. Whose message do you believe our city should support, or at least refrain from limiting constitutional rights that allow that message to be heard? The organization employing the abortionist who calls out, “Rape them and send them here,” or  the group who is offering hope and help so that women make a choice other than death for their baby? Valerie, whose testimony is below, has been helped by Cities4Life and their supporters and fellow pro-life ministries for a period of four years now. Saving Cyndia, my baby- My Testimony– Valerie 4/19/19 The definition of Life, in my opinion, was being able to respond to external stimuli. So in that case, I thought babies in the womb were not really life. I  considered them “just a fetus” in my eyes. That all changed when I met the sidewalk counselors with Cities4Life. They made a great impact on me when it came to understanding the value of life.  In early 2015, I was lost and trying to figure out what to do. I was pregnant. No prenatal care. No ultrasound. I had not heard my baby’s heartbeat. I did not see the fetus as a life. As I was driving into the abortion center,  I saw signs and heard people over loud speakers saying, “Choose life! Don’t kill your baby.” Personally, I had my mind made up. I saw women come in and out as I sat in the car thinking,  “Ok, I’m really gonna do this.” So I went in.  It was a blinding fast rush to get me to the back room. Once I got back, they confirmed the pregnancy. And then I waited a long time. They took me to another back room and  told me to take off my pants. They lifted my shirt and performed an ultrasound. I asked if I could see the ultrasound, but she said no.  At that point,  I could hear the loud speakers outside loud and clear: “Save your baby! Save your baby! Save your baby!  Don’t do this! You don’t have to do this! Come let us help you, let us help you!”  So after the ultrasound, the lady operating the ultrasound went out of the room. I got dressed and left that place. As I walked outside, I can remember Vicky, from cities4life. The expression on her face still is so clear to me.  I received a free ultrasound on the RV parked on the curb. I heard my baby’s heartbeat and I even saw her squirm when I talked. I received contact and follow-up information and I left. I chose life. I now understood my baby WAS life. Cities4life was there for me every step of the way — from baby clothes and supplies, to encouraging words, to a baby shower, to ultrasounds, two photo shoots… It was just great! Although I made a bad choice by having unprotected sex,  I should not take it out on God’s creation. My daughter was born on my birthday. That was confirmation for me that I made the right decision and my daughter’s life has a divine purpose. After the delivery, Vicky came to see me and drew a portrait of my daughter. It was so beautiful. Cities4life donated clothes for the first two years of her life. I was given the opportunity to publicly speak at City Council meetings to tell them how I was so glad Cities4life had been there to help me and my baby. Cities4life even to this day encourages me to be bigger than my situations. I have continued to strive and move closer and closer towards my purpose in life before God. It still isn’t easy but it’s all worth it to share a birthday with my daughter…which she would not have had if Cities4life had not been there.  *****If this overreach of City Council concerns you, and you are outraged that they are hindering the group that is helping Charlotte be a city of Life, not an abortion capitol of the Southeast, please contact every member of City Council. Encourage them to desist in pursuing the unnecessary and unconstitutional sound barrier clearly targeted at silencing the pro-life voice at abortion centers.https://charlottenc.gov/CityCouncil/Pages/default.aspx ******

Proverbs 12:20 


Deceit is in the heart of those who devise evil, but those who plan peace have joy.




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