Lives Saved at the Last Second


6 days a week the doors of Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic open to let in numerous women. Our sidewalk team often has mere seconds to speak the truth and offer help to these ladies before they go into those doors. These women have various struggles and situations that in their hearts and minds seem to justify abortion. These women know that abortion is wrong but they either don’t care or are pressured by family members, boyfriends, or circumstance to go through with taking their innocent child’s life. Below we want to share a few testimonies of moms that we have encountered recently and who have chosen life and often salvation through Jesus. Real names won’t be used, only the first letter of their names but be assured these are real stories of real lives saved at the last second.

N went in to abort, but then heard us sharing the truth about the baby’s development and beating heart at 17 days, and decided she could not abort. She came on the H.E.L.P. RV thinking she was maybe 7 weeks pregnant. She was in her last trimester!!! She had nothing for the baby. We organized a baby shower instantly which we hosted within two weeks that provided all she needed. She lives in one of the most dangerous, crime-ridden, impoverished developments in Charlotte. All her neighbors came to the shower and all of them wept, overcome by the lavish help of strangers. When we returned after taking N out to a fancy dinner, the neighbors all were gathered with a surprise – they had assembled the crib, stroller, swings, etc. They CHEERED the baby shower team like they were heroes. We felt that experience may have done more to help race relations in that neighborhood than any affirmative action law.

K went to abort with her homosexual friend and ex-lover as support system. She decided to come on our RV since she was conflicted about abortion. She told us she had nightmares and lived in fear that she was going to hell. Her homosexual friend said the same thing. Both said they had done so much wrong in life, and knew the abortion was just one more wrong in a long list of terrible acts. We showed K her baby on the ultrasound and her demeanor changed. She would not abort. She wanted to know how to escape the fear of hell she struggled with. We shared the gospel and both she and her friend asked many questions, and said they wanted the peace and strength of knowing Jesus. Both prayed on the RV to ask Jesus to be Lord of their lives. Both said they had a lot of changes they knew were necessary. Both were so grateful we had been there.

C was in an abusive marriage and saw no way out but abortion. Her husband had just beaten her two days before, all the while knowing she was pregnant with twins. She wanted to place the twins for adoption, but her husband would not relinquish paternity rights. She met our counselor before our RV arrived. He called another counselor who provided detailed information of what to do in the abusive situations, as well as finding a lawyer that would help her for free. The counselor outlined every step C needed to take, and then made copies of a whole host of resources which she rushed down to the abortion center. Another counselor and the RV now arrived. They showed C her twins, and offered more immediate help, including housing and mentorship/resources through Love Life Charlotte. The next day, the counselor shared the Gospel with C, who joyously accepted Jesus as Lord. Since that time, she has been out to the sidewalk herself several times to tell the women that what Cities4Life says they will do, they do, and these moms need the truth and hope of Jesus as well.

These are just a few examples of the stories and encounters we have 6 days a week on the sidewalks here in Charlotte.  We daily are seeing women choose LIFE for their babies, lives being changed, and moms and dads surrendering their hearts to Jesus!  We are so grateful for your continued prayers and support! Follow the links below to get involved more with the life-saving ministry of Cities4Life here in Charlotte!

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