We Could Be Losing A Lifesaving Tool!


28 babies were saved in September, and 1 mom chose eternal life as well!  We praise God for the life-changing work He is doing here in Charlotte and we are honored to be His vessels. I want to share one quick but really cool story with you, of a mom that chose life recently.

Lisa (not real name) drove into the abortion center determined to abort due to overwhelming circumstances. Despite “pro-choice” people trying to block us, we were able to hand her our info when she reached for it. She read the entire booklet while sitting in the abortion center parking lot. She realized she could not abort her child after reading the information. She left, and for three months held on to that booklet to strengthen her resolve. With the difficult circumstances remaining, three months later she called the counselor whose name and contact number was in the booklet. She asked how we could help her. Our resources made it possible for her to be assured she could have this baby and all would be well. The counselor shared the Gospel and Lisa asked Jesus to be Lord of her life. She now reads the Bible daily and sends the counselor Bible verses to encourage HER! When her baby was born, she sent a photo telling the counselor, “This is the happiest day of my life. What if you hadn’t been there? I would never have known this greatest blessing.”

Many of you who have followed and supported us over the past few years and beyond know that at times it has been difficult to maintain our Gospel-centered presence on the sidewalks at the local abortion centers. We have come under pretty heavy attack from pro-abortion groups who have also stirred up the mostly pro-abortion city council against us, who have in turn pressured city departments to try and keep us from parking the ultrasound RV in front of the clinic, hinder us from using pro-life signage, and now most recently they have pressured CMPD to write us citations for offering pro-life literature at the abortion center driveway. Thankfully the parking issue didn’t move forward but we are still dealing with the signage issue and now one of our most important lifesaving tools, being able to offer help and hope through pro-life literature, is under fire. If we lose the ability to offer literature, a vital tool in this lifesaving ministry will be lost. We have been threatened by the Police Major that if the citations we’ve been given prevail in the courts, we will be written a citation every time we step a foot towards a vehicle entering into the abortion center. This threat comes in spite of the fact that we had spoken to the Chief of Police a year and a half ago who said we were within our rights to step into the driveway or roadway if someone wanted to receive our information. This road is not at all a busy road and the vast majority of traffic is that of people coming to the abortion center, the people whom we desperately want to reach with our literature.

As you read in Lisa’s story above, the literature we offer to those going into the abortion centers could mean the difference between life and death for a baby. The literature we offer has information on fetal development, a list of resources, and a clear Gospel message. We always have a personal contact number for one of our counselors because like in Lisa’s story sometimes these moms don’t stop and talk they just take the literature and drive in. 

We cannot allow this vital tool to be taken away, and we are committed to fighting the citations issued in court.  But we need your help to do so.  Citations, lawyers, court fees…..the cost adds up quick but the cost of us losing this ability will be precious unborn lives.  We have found a lawyer that is willing to help us and take our case, but we need your help to obtain the funds to make it happen.  Will you please consider helping us by making a contribution towards this cause?  Click on the PROVIDE link below to donate!  


Thank you for your ongoing support for this ministry.  We are so thankful for each one of you.  Your prayers and financial support make this ministry possible!

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