Life in Spite of a Deadly Combination


Even among those who are pro-life, there’s a lot of misinformation concerning what is becoming one of the most common methods of ending the lives of precious babies in the womb. Our prayer is that this article will help inform and equip you to speak out against the injustice of abortion. We also want to encourage you that though many lives are taken through this deadly and barbaric procedure, lives are still being saved even on the very brink of death.

The Abortion Pill Procedure and The Morning After Pill

First off we need to make a distinction between the abortion pill procedure (also referred to as chemical abortion) and the morning after pill. While it is true that both can be deadly to an unborn child, some have confused the two even though both work in very different ways.  Basically, one main difference is that the while the morning after pill may prevent an already conceived child from implanting into the uterus, the abortion pill will cause an already implanted child to detach from the uterine wall. The morning after pill (also known as plan B) is designed to be taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex, and the abortion pill procedure is used from 5-10 weeks gestation.

How the Abortion Pill Works

As mentioned above the abortion pill procedure is used as a chemical abortion at between 5-10 weeks. By that time a heartbeat would already be detectable and the child already well on his/her way to fulfilling their God-breathed destiny. The abortion pill procedure is not just one medication but actually, two separate drugs both used to kill and dispel the unborn child. The first medication, Mifepristone (brand name Mifeprex), is actually what kills the child. When a mother goes into the abortion center she will first be given an ultrasound to determine how far along she is. If she is between 5-10 weeks she will be offered either to kill her child through a surgical abortion (called a suction aspiration abortion) or the abortion pill procedure. If she chooses the abortion pill she will be given mifepristone in the clinic. Mifepristone is designed to mimic progesterone (the hormone her body produces to make the lining of her uterus hospitable to the newly conceived child) however mifepristone instead blocks real progesterone and cause the lining of the uterus to thin making it a hostile environment for the child. Ultimately the placenta which is drawing much-needed blood, oxygen, and nutrients from the mother will detach from the uterine wall and the baby will die. The second medication in the abortion pill procedure is called Misoprostol. This medication is given and, depending on how far along she is, is taken 24-48 hours after the first medication. Misoprostol will in essence cause contractions and ultimately cause her to go into labor delivering her dead child at home, often times in the toilet or the bathtub.  



A short history of the Abortion Pill

As we all know abortion was said to be a women’s right after the landmark Supreme decisions Roe V. Wade and the lesser known Doe V. Bolton in 1973. In the latter part of the 1970’s pharmaceutical companies, apparently in an effort to capitalize off of this newly formed and booming abortion industry, began to develop and adapt already developed drugs to be used to end the lives of babies in the womb. In 1980 a French company, Roussel-Uclaf, developed Mifepristone (also known as RU-486) which in essence kills the unborn child (explained above). Misoprostol was originally used to treat ulcers but was adapted to induce labor when it was discovered to cause ripening of the cervix and uterine contractions. These two medicines are a deadly cocktail for an unborn child. In 1983 the FDA issued a permit for testing of the drug mifepristone to an organization with an apparent population control agenda called Population Council. This vicious group found long and hard to make this deal drug available here in the U.S. and sadly in 2000 it was brought into the U.S. market. Since 2000 chemical abortions have rapidly risen and if the trend continues the abortion pill procedure will be the number one method of snuffing out the lives of these precious image bearers of God. Here in North Carolina, N.C. Health and Human Services report 12.8% of all abortions in 2007 where chemical abortions, by 2016 that number has risen to 42.3%. That’s 9,748 babies that are killed every year in our state by this barbaric procedure. 

The First Abortion Pill Reversal

In 2007 a young lady, Ashely, under pressure from her boyfriend and circumstances went into Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic. She was given the first medication, mifepristone, and after swallowing the pill immediately regretted her decision. The clinic told her there was no way to reverse the effects of that deadly medication and save her baby but by God’s grace she went home and shared what she had done with her mother who was a Christian. Her mother took her to a local pregnancy center, who in turn referred her to a pro-life doctor, Dr. Matt Harrison, who after praying and asking the Lord what to do felt prompted to try and counter the effects of RU-486 with progesterone. The reversal worked and Ashely’s precious little girl was saved. Please watch Ashely’s powerful story here.

These Stories Continue

Our Cities4Life sidewalk teams are committed to being a voice for the voiceless babies that are killed every day in our city. Our desire is to talk with moms before they go in and offer help and alternatives including a free ultrasound onboard the H.E.L.P. Pregnancy Center mobile unit. Unfortunately, we don’t reach them all on the way in. That’s why in our booklets we have information about the abortion pill reversal. We also regularly mention over the amplified sound that the abortion pill can be reversed. In addition to these, we always have a sign posted so moms can see the abortion pill reversal contact info on their way out. We have been blessed to point many moms in the direction of a nurse or doctor who can administer the abortion pill reversal protocol. One very recent and powerful story is shared below by the local APR nurse, who just so happens to be my wife.

3 Lives Saved From the Abortion Pill

Stacie (name changed), had taken a pregnancy test 2 days before and had told no one.  Having been with her boyfriend only a very short time, she knew they weren’t ready for this, she would take care of this problem quickly, and no one would ever have to know.  Alone, she drove herself to the clinic and went inside.  Inside the clinic, she asked the lady doing the ultrasound if she could see the screen.   The screen was quickly flipped towards her and nonchalantly the tech said, “See, twins.”  She didn’t even see the screen, she just sat stunned for a few seconds before she was ushered into another room and given the abortion pill, Mifepristone.  Still in shock from that word, “Twins”, she swallowed the pill.  As soon as she stepped foot outside she heard someone on the loudspeaker say, “It’s not too late, if you took the abortion pill, go to, and they can help you reverse the abortion.”  In her car the weight of what happened finally hit her.  Twins, two babies.  She had always wanted to have twins. Oh no, what had she done, immediate regret hit her like a ton of bricks.  Pulling out of the driveway she saw a sign on the side of a car, again,  She pulled into the next driveway and typed it on her phone.  She spoke with an operator, and left a message for a nurse, and started her ride home.  Nearing home, an hour away, she passed a local pregnancy center, maybe they can help me, she thought, and she called the number.  She spoke with a nurse who quickly connected her with a Cities4Life counselor, who then called HELP Pregnancy Center and the abortion pill reversal team sprang into action.  She came in that evening and was able to see her tiny 6-week twin babies, both still alive with strong heartbeats, and fell in love.  She was immediately started on medication to counteract the effects of the abortion pill and was closely monitored for the next few weeks.  3 weeks later and she and the twins are doing wonderfully.  They are still growing safely inside their mother’s womb. 

Stacie exudes thankfulness when you meet her.  So grateful that Cities4Life sidewalk counselors were there that day to tell her that there may be a way to reverse the abortion pill, otherwise she wouldn’t have known.  So grateful that the nurse at the pregnancy center knew just who to call, and that we were able to start the treatment so quickly.  So grateful that these 2 little miracles continue to grow and thrive.  So grateful for the practical help to come, of a baby shower and getting plugged into a church to grow spiritually.  And I am grateful for this young mom, who chose to do the hard thing and give these 2 little ones a chance at life.  Continue to lift them up in prayer as the pregnancy progresses and continue to join us in praying for lives to be saved from the horror of abortion in our city and beyond.

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