June Newsletter


At the Mention Of God, She Burst Into Tears

A young Hispanic woman, Josefina*,  came abroad the RV having been directed our way from an abortion center. She was not abortion-minded, but had no healthcare, no possibility of prenatal care, and lacked the money and resources to afford a child. 

As we offered resources including free healthcare, childcare, and supplies for the first two years of the baby’s life, she covered her face. She could not believe it. The abundant outpouring of God’s love through His faithful people astonished and overwhelmed her.

Then our counselor mentioned “God.” 

Josefina burst into tears. Josefina revealed a story of repeatedly turning from God, turning from what she knew He would have her do. She now wanted to return to Him but felt He would never have her back. She was certain she not only deserved Hell but was going there for sure.

The counselor lovingly shared the incredible truth of the Gospel. She talked about sin, the penalty for sin, and the solution for sin. The counselor centered on the truth of what repentance means, how forgiveness is possible through Jesus’ substitutionary death on the cross, and then what submitting her life to Jesus as Lord means. Josefina’s tortured countenance relaxed. The tears shone in her eyes but stopped flowing. She smiled. She would go home and talk to her boyfriend about the redemption offered by Christ. Together, she hoped they would pursue God.

This is the heart of our ministry. For sure, we want unborn babies to be saved. However, it is almost sweeter to see a soul that once was lost but now is found.

*name changed for privacy

As a Gospel-centered ministry Cities4Life™️  volunteers and staff work tirelessly to make sure no woman goes into an abortion center without hearing of the Hope and Help that comes through the Lord and His people. We hope this monthly newsletter will be an encouragement as you see what God is doing through this ministry.

June Volunteer Spotlight

Seventeen years ago, I stood in the bathroom of my college apartment holding a positive pregnancy test. I was nineteen, a junior in college, and a professed Christian at the time (though my recent actions through a series of failed relationships and one-night stands with several men had suggested otherwise.)

“I can’t have this baby,” I thought to myself. “I barely know the father. He hasn’t returned my phone calls in weeks. If my parents find out, they’ll disown me – or worse – force me to marry him. In their eyes, I’ve basically committed a crime, and the only way to avoid the punishment is to destroy the evidence.”

Frantic, I called the local abortion clinic on Wendover Rd. and made an appointment. Because I was so early on in my pregnancy – around 5-7 weeks – I was eligible to take the abortion pill. read more…

Coming this Month…

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted we are opening back up our volunteer training program. Please pray that more laborers will be raised up to be a voice for the voiceless in our city. Also, pray for our city in light of the civil unrest that many cities are seeing around the country. Pray that our teams can keep their eyes fixed on the mission of bringing the Gospel to the abortion centers in our city.

This month in our “Gospel-Centered Pro-Life” podcast we will cover several important topics. One episode in particular deals with the issue of using graphic abortion images to change minds about abortion.

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