HAVE RV—– WILL GO! (Part 2)



(Part 2 in the ICU Mobile Series | Part 1 )


As we were preparing to GO that first morning, with prayer and devotion realized I was stepping up into a respite where women could experience a true re—CREATION of Life. As we departed I was eager to bring the culture of LIFE to girls and women facing a “crisis” of pregnancy in a unique new way. I knew then I was ‘Called’ to GO with this ministry.


Throughout the day the team on board, a nurse and a client advocate/counselor, pause in between appointments to share their personal stories with me. I notice an undeniable commonality rooted in each of them – an unwavering faith and an undeniable calling by God to serve on-board the clinic. The mission to reveal life at the crossroads of decision is both simple, via information and the truth of an ultrasound, and profound via the Good News. And that is exactly how it takes place.


Shortly after parking at a specific, highly visible site, I start to hear shaky taps on the RV door. As each woman walks on-board you can see the confusion and fear of an unplanned or even unwanted pregnancy painted on her face. To my surprise, as the atmosphere of peace and life on-board the medical clinic greets them, I notice their bodies relax and hearts slowly open as they share their story.


We simply listen.


They ask, “Where did you come from?” or say, “I am so glad to be here!” “This is an answer to prayer.” Inevitably some ask, “Are you coming back?” and “Can I tell others about you?”… “So how exactly did you know to come here?”


What would you doAs the team continues to minster each client feels safer and recognizes we truly care about her. It is at this point I observe hearts turning and minds beginning to change. Imagine a young woman, maybe in abject poverty, maybe heading with a scholarship to college or in college and facing an unplanned pregnancy or feeling alone and carrying an unwanted baby.


What would you do?


Even if you wanted to help where would find her before meeting her on the sidewalk outside of a local abortion clinic? What would you say when encountering her?


On the ICU Mobile clinic each woman experiences, maybe for the first time, Christ’s compassion and love to bring hope for a better future. Using proven training from ICU Mobile and innovative technology from Online for Life the team parks in her zip code and meets her in her time of need. The team is trained, prepared and dedicated to GO -serve women, save lives, and share Jesus.


Will you GO into the city with us?

Abortions by Zip Code in Mecklenburg County, NC. The darker the red/purple the greater the number of abortions in that area of the city/county. (Calculated by ICU Mobile-Charlotte using 2010 Census Data)


GO ahead of us by praying daily for Cities4Life and the ICU Mobile team of Charlotte Registered Nurses, Client Advocates and staff planning on serving this fall.





Help us GO by financially supporting ICU Mobile Charlotte and Cities4Life. Your donation is needed to complete the purchase of the mobile clinic and to help offset the operating costs of our mobile ministry staff and on-going operating expenses to keep the ICU Mobile clinic on the road six days a week in Charlotte. All donations to Cities4Life are 100% tax-deductible.

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Sherry Desloge

About Sherry Desloge

Sherry is a registered nurse and volunteers her time at Cities4Life and with HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center in Monroe. She has been married to her husband, Joe, for 36 years and has four children.

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