Cities4Life Joins ICU Mobile


Cities4Life™ has joined ICU Mobile®, a pioneer and leader of mobile ultrasound vehicles, to go and meet women where they are throughout the Charlotte metro region by deploying a new ICU Mobile clinic this fall.

ICU MobileWorking with affiliates in our Life Network, along with innovative tools from On-Line for Life™ and ICU Mobile, our Registered Nurses and Client Advocates will meet abortion minded women in front of the abortion clinics and in neighborhoods throughout our city to minister and reveal truth via ultrasound at a time when a woman is in the decision making process about her pregnancy.



It is our mission to provide women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy the free opportunity to confirm her pregnancy via a pregnancy test and a limited obstetrical ultrasound; enabling her to see her unborn child in order to make an informed life-affirming decision and hear the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



The mobile ultrasound is critical in ministering to women because statistics show that more than 70% of women considering an abortion choose life after seeing their baby on an ultrasound. In 2012 the ICU Mobile fleet reported an amazing 87.8% of abortion-minded women choose life after seeing their baby on-board of an ICU Mobile and 53% of the clients on-board indicated they were unlikely to visit a local pregnancy center.

ICU MobileSince 2003, the Lord has used the ICU Mobile fleet to reach thousands of women, save thousands of babies and bring thousands to faith in Jesus Christ. Cities4Life is excited to add to the fleet by bringing another unit to Charlotte in the Fall of 2013.



For more then a year Cities4Life has worked with the H.E.L.P. Crisis Pregnancy Center in Monroe, another ICU Mobile affiliate and a member of the Cities4Life LIFE Network, to bring their ICU Mobile clinic to Charlotte twice a week to be a resource for sidewalk counselors at the Latrobe abortion clinic. Once deployed the new mobile clinic will supplement this existing partnership with a long term goal of having an ICU Mobile clinic parked in front of every abortion provider in Charlotte.

Since 2008 sidewalk volunteers in Charlotte have rescued women from abortion and saved 1,777 babies* by praying with women and sharing the Gospel at the gates of our three abortion clinics. (* as of August 1, 2013). Praise the Lord for these saved babies and changed lives, but the Cities4Life team believes MORE MUST BE DONE to end abortion in Charlotte!

The new ICU Medical clinic will operate six days a week. It will start out each day in front of a Charlotte abortion clinic followed by scheduled stops in Charlotte neighborhoods to serve abortion-determined women before they make an appointment to visit a local abortion clinic. The team on board will work to refer clients to other Cities4Life Network affiliates for follow-up care.

Go along for a ride-along with a Cities4Life volunteer in Memphis, TN.



The most important action anyone can take to get involved is to pray for Cities4Life, the local pregnancy centers, the ICU Mobile staff and the women reached every day.

You can also help save the life of a baby and reach a woman and her family with the love of Jesus by financially supporting us. Donations are needed to complete the purchase of the mobile unit and to help offset the operating costs of our mobile ministry staff and on-going operating expenses to keep the ICU Mobile unit on the road six days a week in Charlotte.

donate now

Please help rescue a baby from death by donating today.

We need your help to make sure that we are there – on the internet and beyond – for every abortion-minded person who is looking for answers.

By partnering with Online for Life & ICU Mobile we are able to carefully track the ratio of internet impressions to life decisions made, Using this new approach we can confidently tell you that your gift of just $50 will ensure 13 abortion-determined women see our message online;

$100 will generate calls for help from 5 women in Charlotte.

and a gift of $360 can save a baby from abortion.

All donations to Cities4Life are 100% tax-deductible.

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