How do you get started?


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Q. How do you get started? And once you have begun, how do you stay within the legal parameters so that your attempts to help others aren’t used against you?

A. In another city, the best way to get started in pro-life ministry is to find your enemy.  Locate the local abortion mills by typing “abortion” and your zip code in a search engine online.  Then do a little research; click on the clinic links, find out the times and hours and types of abortions done there. 

Now find your troops!  Drive by on an abortion day and see if there is anyone out on the sidewalks.  Veteran counselors are your best resource.  They’ll help you with literature, information on abortionists, resources and the overall lay of the land.  If there is no one outside of the mill then you may have to rally your own troops!  Pray about inviting friends or maybe your pastor or elders from your church.  Prepare to advance into enemy territory.  Be prayerfully ready to bring light into darkness.

If you are really on your own, don’t be discouraged…God may just be raising you up to lead the way!  There are wonderful on line resources for things to hand out to abortion-minded women. (link Tiny Hands and HH76) and you may want to look up your closest pregnancy resource center – try and your zip code.  The quickest way to find out how close you can get to the women coming in to have an abortion is to give it a shot!  The clinic will probably call the cops and then you’ll know your boundaries.  If you don’t want that much drama, research the public right of way lines and use those.

Now onto the sidewalk!  My best short answer advice is to smile and engage her.  You are her last friend offering her truth and support before she commits a grievous sin.  You are there to represent what is right and your words and presence should confirm this in her conscience.  Speak to her on a physical level about the risks and her baby’s development, on the emotional level tapping into the maternal instinct and appealing to her heart, and the most important level – the spiritual; swing to the things of God and tell her what His word says about not only His love for her, but His righteous judgment as well.

Experience is the best teacher.  God will reward your faithfulness in going and I believe you will grow spiritually as you stand up for Him, and for the defenseless.  Go and advance the kingdom for LIFE!!

In His service… for LIFE,


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  1. BlessedMama

    Love this! Thanks so much for posting. It’s helpful to those of us who are new to this life-giving ministry!

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