Gospel-Centered Pro-Life Podcast


If you’ve followed Cities4Life for any length of time hopefully you’ve seen that we aren’t just a pro-life ministry. We are a Gospel-centered pro-life ministry. Therefore, we know that our call as a ministry is not just to be a humanitarian effort but to proclaim the Gospel.

Part of being the hands and feet of Christ at the abortion centers is to meet practical needs. However, if we neglect to share the Gospel then we are robbing those we reach from hearing the only message that eternally saves.

There’s a lot of very good content out there the speaks to pro-life issues. There are blogs, social media pages, books, videos, podcasts and entire websites that deal with the issue of abortion. I believe abortion really is the defining issue of our time. What we do as a nation and as a church will determine how future generations view us.

Full-time pro-life work is something my family has been devoted to for quite some time. Because of that, we see the need to talk about the issue of abortion from many different angles. That being said, in my mind, the issue of abortion is primarily addressed in light of what God’s word says.

I shared last month about all that the Lord is doing in extending our reach as a ministry. One of the things I shared was that Vicky and I have been working on a podcast called, “Gospel-Centered Pro-Life”.

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I’m happy to announce that our first few episodes are on iTunes, Google Play, and many other podcast platforms. Our focus with this podcast is to talk about pro-life issues in light of the Gospel.

As stated earlier there’s a lot of stuff out there. With all of that info, it’s easy to get distracted from the main thing. This podcast will help you keep the Lord and His word front-and-center as you think through pro-life issues.

Please take some time to listen to these episodes and leave a review. We will be releasing a new episode on Wednesday each week. I’m sure you have some ideas on topics you’d like us to cover. Please feel free to shoot those ideas over to us in an email or on Facebook.

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