God On the Move in 2019 and Beyond


One of Many Stories From 2019

We have so many wonderful stories that we could share with you about what God has done this past year through Cities4Life. As you can imagine, we encounter some very difficult situations in the lives of the women and men we meet at the local abortion centers. In spite of that, we are encouraged that God has always made a way in the lives of those we reach when there seemed to be no way. All of the babies you see in the picture above were saved from abortion at the very last moments by God’s grace at work through the lives of Cities4Life volunteers.

Some of our wonderful volunteers

One such specific blessing to share is Miranda’s* story. Miranda showed up with a friend at the Latrobe abortion center back in October. She was obviously conflicted about the abortion. We watched her go in and out of the abortion center repeatedly over the course of a few hours. Each and every time she went back and forth through those doors, a Cities4Life counselor graciously called out to her about the value of her child and the resources available to her.

Miranda decided she had to leave but was still feeling overwhelmed by her situation and undecided on what to do. She planned to go home and think more about what to do. However, as she pulled out of the parking lot, her friend rolled down the window and told our counselors, ”A baby was saved but she’s still freaking out!” The counselor offered a free ultrasound, surprised when Miranda agreed to go onboard the mobile ultrasound unit.

Miranda’s baby at 13 weeks

Miranda definitely had significant struggles. Nonetheless, every need she had was met with a corresponding resource. After hearing of all God’s perfect and timely provision, she began to see how her circumstances weren’t impossible. Maybe she could have this baby! The deciding factor that tipped the choice to life: seeing her baby on the ultrasound.

Miranda’s baby was 13-weeks and vigorously moving. Miranda gasped upon seeing the baby on the screen, crying out, ”It’s a whole baby. I wasn’t expecting that!” She had believed the lie that her baby was less than a human being but the ultrasound proved that to be false. Miranda chose LIFE and even encouraged our sidewalk counselor saying, “You all keep standing out there—it works!”

Now for the best part. After all of this, our counselor shared the Gospel with Miranda. She heard about how sin separates us from God and makes us all guilty before Him but how Jesus died to pay the penalty for the sins of those who put their trust in Him. This is a message she had heard before but never really understood. The Lord graciously opened her heart, and she surrendered her life to Him right then and there. She asked to be connected with a local church. We’ve been following up with her since that amazing profession of faith. She’s due in April and excited to be able to hold her precious baby girl.

*Name Changed for Privacy

Baby Shower Ministry

Our of the showers we hosted in our office

You may already know that at the beginning of 2019 Cities4Life moved our office from Concord to right on Latrobe Dr. This was a strategic move so that we could be closer to the Latrobe abortion center but it was also a practical move. Out of necessity a few years back we started a baby shower ministry to help fill in the gaps that our partner ministry, Truth and Mercy, couldn’t fill.

Sara our baby shower coordinator had to store baby items in several different places, including her own house. Because of the generosity of so many, her house was getting overrun and we needed a storage place as well as a central location to collect the items. The Lord opened the door for this Latrobe Dr. office and it has been a great blessing.

We’ve hosted quite a few baby showers this year. Because many of the women to whom we minister have difficult home situations precluding showers at their homes, we were able to use our office not just to store baby items but to host some of the baby showers.

So What’s In Store For 2020?

“A Voice For Every Unborn Child”

As followers of Jesus, it’s important to seek His direction, not just for our individual lives but also for the ministry to which He calls us. As a ministry, we are always seeking His guidance and wisdom, and He graciously gives it. For 2020, our focus is going to be on raising up and training new volunteers to help cover all four abortion centers in our city. By God’s grace, the Latrobe center is well covered but the other three (Hebron, Wendover, and Planned Parenthood) do not have coverage every day that they do abortions.

We believe the Lord would have us utilize the wisdom and resources He has given us in order to raise up, train, and equip volunteers to fill in the gaps. Of course, this is going to take more resources and time, but we trust the Lord will meet those needs. We’re calling this initiative “A Voice For Every Unborn Child” because every unborn child deserves a voice. With so many pro-life churches in our city, there shouldn’t be a single day that an abortion center opens that someone isn’t there to give those children a voice. Please pray about how you can be involved.


Since the Lord has given us wisdom in sidewalk counseling, it would be a waste not to share that wisdom with others. To that end, we started the www.sidewalks4life.com website. We want to equip and encourage folks in other areas of the country to take what we’ve learned and apply it at their local abortion center. This year, we will continue to produce content for this site as the Lord allows.

We are also planning a sidewalk counseling training conference to give folks from different cities an opportunity to come here to Charlotte and learn how to be most effective in their city. This will likely be in the Spring and will be focused specifically on a Gospel-centered approach to sidewalk counseling.

The Gospel-Centered Pro-Life Podcast

Hopefully, you’ve been listening to our podcast called “Gospel-Centered Pro-Life”. If not, please take some time to check it out. Creating these episodes has certainly been a blessing for us, and we believe they will be a blessing to you. We’ve covered all sorts of topics that have to do with abortion, always in light of the Gospel. We plan to keep producing new episodes tackling some of the most difficult topics pertaining to abortion.

To Sum It Up

God has given us a heart to continue this Gospel-centered work and even increase what He has called us to do. You can be a part. You could cover a sidewalk team in prayer or commit to volunteer yourself. If you’re able to support us financially, that would go a long way in helping us to fulfill the vision God has given us. Please consider how you can be a part of what God is doing.

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