God Always Has A Plan


 This dreary day seemed to be particularly intense with the “pro-choice” people out in full force. I distinctly remember praying for God to break through all this crazy darkness and show His powerful hand at work. Sometimes it is so easy to focus on all that the enemy is doing and lose sight of the fact that God is there in the midst of the horror of all the sin and brokenness. Sometimes it is too much to comprehend that babies are literally being ripped from their mothers wombs and the feeling of helplessness is too much. That day, the emotions were running high.  But God always has a plan. Little did we know that young Momma “K” from New Jersey was on her way to abort her 8-week-old baby at the largest abortion center in the Southeast. K felt like she didn’t have any other options. Dad was out of the picture, although he said that he would support her if she kept the baby.  Still, she made her way into the clinic with her best friend. We called out in desperation, “Each child is a treasure and a gift from God, made in His  beautiful image.” What does it feel like to be in that waiting room, knowing that you are about to undergo something awful; something you would never forget for the rest of your life? Later as we talked and shared with K, she confirmed that it was truly an uncomfortable place to be. And it was uncomfortable enough that she picked up her belongings and courageously walked out of there, onto the sidewalk and bravely said to us, “I think I want to keep my baby.” You see, God always has a plan.  She was also accompanied by her best friend who was urging her to choose life for her baby, so she definitely had a support system and a friend who was instrumental in her decision. For some reason, this sweet young mom had believed the lie that abortion was the easy way out and it would fix her problem. Is that the truth? No! Of course not! But the “god” of this age has convinced us that there will be no consequences for our sin and it will provide us relief if we fix the “problem”.   K took a bold stand that day and decided to listen to the voice of God who was speaking through her friend and through the incredible Cities4Life sidewalk counselors. She was privileged to see her baby’s heart beating strongly on the ultrasound after deciding that this little life was worth fighting for.  We all wept tears of joy, feeling the pleasure of God over another life with a divine purpose being saved from destruction. Incredibly, both K and her friend experienced the joy of their salvation that day. Two lives were redeemed from the grip of sin and death. God brought them both our way on that dreary day.

I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to give you a hope and a future.

A child in the womb that was headed to a place where his future would be no more will now live. A young mom and her friend are starting a new life and future with the God of all hope. A day that began in sorrow turned into joyous praise and  rejoicing in the knowledge that our God can take the plans of the enemy and turn them in to something beautiful.  Because….. He has a plan.  Oh and by the way, I talked to Momma K today. She is thankful for our prayers and excited about this life on the way. This story could have ended very differently. But the Author of this story has good plans. :}

As a ministry Cities4Life is blessed to have wonderful volunteers like Marybeth who make incredible sacrifices to be on the sidewalk at the local abortion centers. For volunteers to be as effective as possible they need training, tools, and support. Like Marybeth, every believer has unique gifts that the Lord uses to reach other people through them. Cities4Life is committed to training and equipping our volunteers to use these gifts in the most fruitful way. You can be a part helping us do just that. Consider supporting this Gospel-centered, life-saving work today. Click one of the links below to offer your support or to become a volunteer yourself.




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