Finishing Strong


Here we are, the last day of 2018, and we want to finish strong!  So far our sidewalk counseling teams have seen exactly 499 babies saved this year. In addition to these precious babies saved from abortion, we have seen 25 people surrender their lives to Jesus either in front of the clinic, onboard the mobile unit, at a baby shower, or through other discipleship connections that we maintain. We’ve also had 12 abortion workers quit the industry here in Charlotte. The Lord is doing great things and understand, it’s not that we keep track of numbers to put a notch on our belt and make ourselves feel validated. We know that the Lord is the one who changes hearts and minds and we’re just the vessels He chooses to use. However, it is biblical to keep a record of what God is doing to help encourage us in this battle, and also to encourage others to get involved! In the book of Acts after Peter proclaimed the Gospel the scripture records that “…there were added unto them about three thousand souls.” and again in Acts 4 “…many of them which heard the word believed; and the number of the men was about five thousand.”

As followers of Jesus, our main desire should be to bring glory to Him, seeing lives and souls saved through the proclamation of His Gospel is an important way we glorify Him in the earth. As a ministry leader, it’s always in my heart to run a good race and finish strong. I see the ending of a year and the being of another as a good finish and starting line. I’m really trusting that today, the final day of this year, that the Lord is going to allow us to see at least 500 babies saved. Would you stand with us in prayer as our teams reach out today?

Of course, it takes finances to train, equip, and support as many as 50 volunteers to be a consistent and faithful Gospel presence at the local abortion centers where 20-30 (sometimes as many as 50) babies are killed by abortion every day, 6 days a week. Considering the scope of our ministry we don’t do a lot of fundraising during most of the year because we try and focus our efforts on the frontlines but the month of December is a very important month for us to raise funds for the coming year. Would you help us finish strong by giving to support this ministry with a year-end gift? By God’s grace, we have met our $7,000 matching challenge but praise the Lord an additional $1,000 matching grant has been provided by a local businessman who believes in what we do and wants us to finish as strong as possible. We have only one day to meet this challenge and raise $1,000. Can you help us finish strong?

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