February Newsletter


Over 5,000 Babies Saved

Cities4Life (C4L) started in 2008 as a local effort to bring the church of Jesus Christ in Charlotte out to the sidewalks in front of Charlotte abortion centers. At that time, C4L was a handful of faithful volunteers covering the sidewalks as many days as we could in the midst of all of the other things going on with life, church, and family.

God graciously began to add laborers for the harvest. Within a few years, a consistent Christian presence covered the sidewalk of the busiest abortion center every day it was open. As the Lord began to build the ministry, He also added wonderful ministry partners to our LifeNetwork. Monroe H.E.L.P. Pregnancy Center became a critical partner bringing their mobile ultrasound unit to the abortion center. Now that invaluable tool supports our counselors every day the clinic is open. Over the years, the number of babies saved accelerated.

We know it’s not about numbers but obedience to God’s call. However, each number represents a baby saved— a unique, individual LIFE made in the image of God that was spared from death. In that sense, numbers do matter. A LOT. We know that it’s God’s work, and we give Him the glory.

Just a few weeks ago, we realized after tallying the numbers that 5,000 babies were saved in Charlotte since Cities4Life started. We are so privileged to be a part of what God is doing. We appreciate all of our volunteers, prayer warriors, and financial supporters who have helped us reach that many women with the hope of the Gospel and practical help. 

One of the greatest joys for our counselors is to hold a baby saved from abortion. One baby at a time. One priceless baby. We have held so many in our arms! By God’s grace, together we will see many more lives changed and saved.

Her Mind Was Changed in the Beat of A Heart

Jada* came to the Latrobe abortion center in a rush. She already had four kids and even though she knew abortion was wrong, the father of the baby was pressuring her to abort. She didn’t feel like she could have another baby without support from him. Jada was still carrying guilt from a previous abortion so her world was being turned upside-down and inside-out.

She came in a rush, ignoring her conscience. “Just get it over with,” she told herself. Miraculously, the abortion center wasn’t taking any more appointments that day. As Jada pulled out of the parking lot, wondering what to do, Kyndra, one of our wonderful C4L volunteers, offered her literature and encouraged her to get an ultrasound on board the H.E.L.P. mobile unit. Very reluctantly, Jada went onboard.

Onboard the RV, the counselor began to share resources that were available to Jada and to talk about God’s plan for her and her pre-born child. Jada was overwhelmed by her circumstances but admitted she had at one time committed her life to the Lord. Sadly, she then turned back to a sinful lifestyle. She knew abortion was wrong and carried the burden of a past abortion. In the struggle between life and death, she hoped something or someone could show her a clear path.

The ultrasound was a powerful tool to give Jada the clarity she needed to do what she already knew was right. She was very early in her pregnancy. Oftentimes, it can be difficult for the ultrasound technician to find such a young baby, especially the tiny beating heart. However, by God’s grace, Jada’s precious little baby with its little beating heart showed up on the screen! The miraculous heartbeat convinced Jada to choose LIFE.

Jada felt in her soul that she needed to truly commit her life to the Lord.  Before she stepped off the mobile unit, she confessed her sin and recommitted her life to Jesus Christ. As always, our counselor is following up with Jada and connecting her with the resources she needs. We’ll also connect her with a mentor that will help encourage and walk alongside her through this journey. Jada was happy to leave the abortion center that day with her baby alive and loved.

*name changed for privacy

February Volunteer Spotlight

Hi. I’m Kyndra.

Out on the sidewalks of the abortion mill, I heard the gospel for the first time. I had no knowledge of what sin is, and how holy God is. Church tradition taught me that I needed to do good works, dress modestly and work hard, etc. That was what I knew to be God’s law, and I felt that I was following it well. I was convinced that being “good” was my very purpose in life. 

My sister invited me to minister on the sidewalks of the abortion center saying, “As a Christian, you CANNOT ignore the issue of abortion…read more

Coming up…

Please pray for our C4L sidewalk teams. The winter months can be pretty brutal making the time on the sidewalks more difficult. You can actually sign up to hold one of our daily sidewalk teams up in prayer on our website.

Also, our partner ministry, Love Life, will start their 40-week Journey of Hope. This includes prayer walks at the Latrobe abortion center every Saturday. If your church has not connected with Love Life by adopting a week in their 40-week campaign please connect with them to get started.

This month in our “Gospel-Centered Pro-Life” podcast we are covering some important topics. We like to focus on pro-life issues broader than just sidewalk counseling and we believe some of the topics we will cover this month and that we have covered in January are important and broad enough to apply to any ministry. Check out our 2 part podcast on “Empowering Vs. Enabling“. And please share these episodes with your friends.

Will you be a Champion4Life? Cities4Life needs your support. We had a goal last month to raise up 20 Champions4Life, which are monthly supporters of this ministry. Unfortunately, we didn’t meet that goal so we will extend it into October. Can you come alongside us with a monthly gift of $25, $35, or $75? Click here to get more information.

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