Encouragement from Women Who Chose LIFE


On a regular basis, we are asked: “Do you guys follow up with the women who chose life?” Sometimes this questions comes almost as an accusation from those who think we’re just at the abortion clinic to stop abortion. They imply that we don’t care about the women and babies after they are born. And sometimes it comes from people who are genuinely interested. 

Well, we can say with an emphatic “YES” we do follow up with those who choose LIFE. When our volunteers are reaching out to those at the abortion clinic they always mention the resources that are available to them. One of the things we want them to know is that there are resources to meet their needs. Cities4Life volunteers act as a bridge, in some ways, from the abortion center to resources that will meet the women’s needs.

We have put together what we call our LifeNetwork. Within the LifeNetwork are organizations and ministries who can help meet practical needs. With so many churches in the greater Charlotte area, we can say with confidence that there isn’t a single need that these women have for which there isn’t a resource.

We have a great partnership with Love Life Charlotte who has been able to raise up mentors in local churches. Love Life mentors build a relationship with the women to encourage and support them. These women need a church family to surround them with love and support. Our partnership with Love Life helps provide that support.

You see, these women oftentimes just need someone in their life to encourage them. As the church of Jesus that is part of our calling. It’s a blessing to these women but it’s also a blessing to us. One of the most rewarding things is to receive a message from a mom we’ve helped with a picture of her baby attached saying how thankful she is for her child.

Just last week, we got three messages from moms who chose life. The first message was from a mom who wanted to say thank you to us on her little girl’s birthday. This mom knows that her little “Queen” (as she calls her) would likely have never had a birthday if our volunteers weren’t there when she arrived at the abortion center. She wanted to say “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” for the three precious years, she has had with her little girl.

The second message came from a woman who chose life over 5 years ago (Yes we still keep in touch years after we meet them at the abortion center). She was sharing the struggle and triumph of sending her precious little girl off to “Big Girl School”. She shared her gratitude for having this little girl in her life and how the Lord had given her strength to make it to this milestone.

A third message came through a few days after that. This mom just wanted to send a note saying how thankful she was to have her little boy. A partner ministry, Truth and Mercy Pro-life Ministries, provided a baby shower for this mom and her baby. She wanted to let our sidewalk counselors and the baby shower ministry know just how grateful she is for our help. She said, “I so love him.”

It’s amazing to see the impact that the faithfulness of our volunteers has on these women. There’s an immediate impact of seeing a mom choose LIFE right on the brink of abortion and there’s the longterm impact. We don’t always get to see the longterm impact but thankfully with messages like this, we get a glimpse of it. God is so gracious to allow us to see the fruit of our labors.

Maybe the Lord is speaking to your heart to get involved. Cities4Life desperately needs your prayers. Our sidewalk counselors labor daily in some very difficult conditions and we need you to uphold us in prayer. As a ministry, we also need your financial support. We literally could not do what we do without sacrificial gifts from folks like you. We also need volunteers. If you would like to help in any one of these areas(,) please click one of the links below.

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